Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings

The IP address is used for verities of reasons. Mainly the IP address is necessary to log in to the router, username and password are also necessary with the IP address for login to the router. The IP address is a Private IP address and this is used in the Linksys router. Different networking devices use different private IP address. However, the public IP address is used on the website. The IP address Login is a default IP address for the Linksys routers. If this is the new device, then the default IP address should be same but if the device is not new then the IP address can be different. Press reset button to reset all of the settings.

These or addresses are commonly called host addresses.

For setup anything in the router, you need to log in to the router and use the IP address on the browser adders field and click on the Go button from the browser. Now the login screen page will appear and there you need to use default username and password. You will get those login detail in the router box. Check the router backside to know the IP address, username, and password. You may get those detail on a paper sheet. Login Page, Username, Password

If you want to secure the router, then you need to change the default username and password. If you use the default username and password on the device, then it is very easy to log in the router by anyone. That is why it is necessary to change the default login detail. If you change the default username and password, then no one can access your router from your home or office. Now your router is enough secured. If you want to remove the settings, then you can press a reset button.

Now, setup internet is very easy on the router. You have to use your ISP information for setup the internet connection. Your ISP must give all necessary data for setup internet. If you want to setup internet of dial up connection, then you have to use username and password in the router of dial up. It is better if you use Wizard tool for quick setup of internet connection in the router. Advanced users can setup internet connection manually.

There are different types of settings available in the router control center for Wi-Fi security. Changing the default SSID network name is the main thing, and this is mainly used to identify the network connection. For the security of the Wi-Fi, you should give a unique name of the SSID network name. You should not use family members name as the SSID network name. So, the people cannot identify your Wi-Fi connection until you disclose it and the connection remains safe. You should hide the SSID network name if your router supports that. By hiding the SSID network name, you will get more security. Read the router manual to know the detail process of hiding the SSID network name.

Note that the default username and password for general routers are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

Encrypted security is not new thing and developer always update the feature for better security. Encrypted security is WPA2 and PSK. Those are running most in all of the devices now a day. You should enable WPA2 and PSK for the Wi-Fi security. You should use updated encrypted security always. You need to apply a hard password for WPA2 and PSK encrypted security for make the Wi-Fi safer. Read the manual of the router to know more about the security if you want to understand all features of encrypted security.

For Wi-Fi connection, you should use a hard password. You need to use a critical password for Wi-Fi connection safer. The hard password for Wi-Fi is very important.You can use tool for creating a password. You can create a difficult password for the Wi-Fi connection. You can create the password by yourself with letters, numbers and symbols combination. For building hard password, you need to use upper and small case letters in the password. The password will be 11 digits long at least.

Mac filtering is a very important option for filtering the MAC ID for the router. With this feature, you can build a safe list of devices which are allowed to use Wi-Fi connection. You can add and remove MAC ID anytime from the list. You should update the firmware for making the secure connection and the device.

If you are facing issue while connecting Router and accessing admin page then you may have done something wrong. These are some possible mistakes.

  • The IP address is configured improperly.
  • The Incorrect IP address is used in the browser or wrong settings are setup.
  • The router may not reply for the damaged connection with the modem
  • The wrong proxy is installed in the browser. Now reconfigure the proxy properly.
  • The wrong or faulty formed IP address is used like 192.168.I.I instead of
  • The IP address is used as link www.

Read the manual to know about the Wi-Fi and router settings. You can contact manufacturer site to know about the settings or you can ask for the help from the router manufacturer. This is very fast and easy process to know everything about the routers and Wi-Fi setting.

If you are still facing issues while accessing admin Login page then comment below.

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