Alexa to play songs in the Amazon Music app now

Reader, it seems that we have something for you, recently, it came in the news that the voice assistant Alexa will now be available in the Amazon Music app. It will be there for people to us it on both iOS and Android. Users who are living in the US, UK, Germany, and Austria will be able to access the feature simply by hitting the Alexa button which will be obtainable throughout the app. Users will now enjoy the features of playing music by genre, decade, mood, tempo, activity and even lyrics. Lyrics always come in handy when you are in the mood of some makeshift karaoke.

The feature is specially designed keeping in mind that fact when users don’t have both the hands-free or the attention required to attend to their cellphones. It is even for those who are so used to asking Alexa to play music in their homes. The voice assistant is designed to respond to instructions like “play the song of the day,” or “play a Damien Rice song” “play music for exercising,”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Alexa has already overtaken mobile as top-notch technology in Amazon Music, and its customers who use it. The company has had a huge successful range of Echo smart speakers. These speakers are deeply integrated with its music outreach to the millions of homes across the world. Amazon still holds the third position in the subscription of the music market. It is only behind Spotify and Apple Music. Of course, because of this development, everybody will view Amazon Music as a threat and competition. The companies have started looking into the way their songs are categorized, tagged and how the data can be developed in a more responsive way to suit the voice-activated applications like Alexa.

As of now, it is still not clear or known when the new feature will come out for other countries to use. It seems that we will have to wait after all.

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