Andy Rubin apologizes for Essential’s customer data leak

It looks like that I had the pleasure to write for you again. It is becoming like a daily event which I have learned to enjoy. I research many news articles daily to provide you with the recent developments in the tech world. Well, this brings us to the next topic of discussion, which is about the fiasco of email breach committed by essentials.


If you are not aware then, let me tell you that people preordered the Essential’s new phone. The company sent them a mail asking for their driver’s license and other information. But when they replied, instead of going to the company only, the emails went to everyone who got the email in the first place by the company. So, Andy Rubin who is the CEO of the company stepped up and apologised for this unfortunate incident, calling it “humiliating” and that he is “personally responsible for this error.”



He started off with his apology stating that how the company has to make “thousands of micro-decisions” daily, which includes asking for driver’s license over email, he went on to say that over 70 customers were the victim of this tedious and cumbersome confirmation process. To make up for this, Essential has stepped up and promised to offer one year of LifeLock protection so that identity thefts are put at bay and avoided. The team has also worked to disable the “misconfigured” account in order to prevent users from accidentally sharing their personal intel without their knowledge or consent with other Essential customers. The CEO is working to invent more in the infrastructure and customer care services.


Additional information on how to fix the shipment confirmation requirements and other issues were not addressed by the CEO in the blog post. Well, it sure is a pickle that the company has gotten themselves into. It is both very messy and very unfortunate that something like this happened. Let us hope that the company is able to do as much damage control as possible because the wound is very real and fresh for the time being.


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