Attackers compromised 143 million people’s personal intel on Equifax

It came to our notice that Equifax made an important announcement recently. They said that around 143 million US-based users’ personal information and data were compromised this year. This must come off as a shock to anyone reading this. There were attackers who reportedly exploited a vulnerability on Equifax’s website. Names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses and even driver’s license number were stolen. It is being speculated that credit card numbers for around 209,000 people and some dispute documents carrying personal identifying information for approximately 182,000 people were also accessed. Equifax works in other countries, but it did not report of any stolen personal information abroad.



According to the analysis done by the company, they came across the breach of security which extracted personal information on 29th of July this year. Their team since then have worked mercilessly to plug in all or any loose plugs to make sure nothing of such sorts happens again. It is like a technical blasphemy. The company has even set up a dedicated website going by website — The mentioned has been taken for all the victims; they are required to sign up for credit file monitoring and identifying theft protection.


Everyone knows that data breaches are a common phenomenon that happens but the fact that these attackers took driver’s license and Social Security Number is unseen and uncalled for. Rarely such incidents take place. It can be estimated that these numbers were taken in order to target the victims with identity theft. To salvage the spiraling down situation, Equifax shared that the company is working with both an independent cyber security and a law enforcement which would help them investigate the people behind this. This is a matter of imperative concern. As with the current environment, even the slightest breach of security can push the person down the holes of anxiety and mellows and trust me; nobody wants to stay there.


We sincerely hope that strict measures will be taken to ensure the safety of data and the stolen intel has the credibility to bring down the entire system of homeostasis in people’s lives. It will only end in despair and fear.

Let us all wait for the conclusion.

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