Australia to get a throne which detects sharks under water

Australia is the land of sunshine, beaches, many deadly animals roaming about freely, ever ready to bite, poison or sting you at a moment’s notice. It is fatal, travelling unprotected in a place like this. Other than that, it a delight to be in. We kid you not.

Taking into consideration the deadly nature of the continent which is also a country, a group of researchers have worked to create a new shark-detecting drone. The gadget will be able to find the predator underwater much faster and accurately than the human eye. The level of precision and efficiency provided will save so many lives and control the death tolls contributed by such a gruesome creature.




This device is being called the SharkSpotter made by the Little Ripper. It uses the skill of deep learning to detect and identify sharks hiding below waves. It employs an algorithm in this pursuit in a live video feed recorded done in actual time and not just in theory by a drone known as the Little ripper Livesaver. The drone flies above the water, using the first world algorithm which was developed by an artificial intelligence combined with deep neural networks. The Sharkspotter is also endowed with the capability to single out sharks among dolphins, rays and other exotic marine animals found in Australia. And whats cool that it can even identify surfers.

Because we have an onboard megaphone, the drones will be able warn the swimmers about an impending threat if there is any. Such advancement is duly noted and appreciated.

Let us get to know more about the drones. These are the products of The Little Ripper Group, working in partnership with researchers hailing from the University of Technology Sydney’s school of software, they have the experience of more than a year which went into developing the shark-spotting technology

UTS Professor Michael Blumenstein commented that “The automated system for detection and identification of sharks in particular, and marine life/objects more generally, was developed using cutting edge deep neural networks and images processing techniques,”

Australia only last year saw a total of 26 shark attacks which had two fatalities stated by a report. Even though the number of attacks is low but there lurks the possibility of attacks or fear which puts many human lives in danger and at risk. This technology will help put such threats at bay. People will feel safe and sound while enjoying a day at the beach.

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