Aviary Photo Editor For Windows 10 – How to Use

Edit photos easily on your Windows PC by downloading the Aviary Editor app. Aviary Photo Editor is a straight forward and concise graphics editor and currently one of the most popular apps in the Windows Store. Aviary Photo Editor for Windows 10 contains several basic features found in most image software.

You can make variations in a picture’s orientation, crop, or adjust contrast and brightness.It is a very simple-to-use app with a variety of features most of which are user-friendly.

Aviary Photo Editor For Windows 10

Aviary Photo Editor enables one to apply basic editing like- crop, adjust contrast, brightness, etc. to enhance the picture quality. It has filters and effects to uniformly change hue or create lighting. The filters can be applied multiple times, thus magnifying the intensity but overdo of Aviary Photo Editor’s filters will make pictures appear surreal or very artificial. Aviary Photo Editor contains text, stickers, drawing tools, and tools to remove red-eye, whiten teeth, and add blemishes.

These tools have rather large diameters which make editing of small scale photos involved. Aviary Photo Editor is best preferred for fast and simple jobs rather than detailed projects.

Aviary Photo Editor

Usability of Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor’s layout is a typical for a photo editor. The image you’re editing is placed in the middle of the screen with the utility bar underneath. The omission of a zoom or scroll bar makes it inconvenient to properly edit small images, or apply detailed editing to larger ones. Aviary Photo Editor’s drawing tools have six sizes.

Its strength lies in tools such as crop and sliders. The crop tool is separated into a three by three grid, thus making it more convenient to view just what is required and cut. If you don’t wish to draw out an area, you can also quickly select a preset dimension.

Large sliders control brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Their application will offer a preview of the applicable adjustment. It’s very easy to withdraw and undo any changes you find displeasing. You don’t need to save or name any images as each job is saved automatically.

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Quality of Aviary Editor

With large rectangular icons presented against a dark gray background, Aviary Editor’s appearance matches other Windows 8 Modern UI apps. As you save your edits, they appear in a grid on the right. Scrolling through this enables easy comparison of images or finding what you’re searching for.

Although Aviary Photo is great and a very user-friendly app, a lot of reviews rate it to be good enough for basic tasks. Even though it is not designed to be advanced user base, the lack of quite a productive app makes its relevance significant. Although its lack of detailed precision, when compared to other photo software, makes it unsuitable for complex projects, it is spontaneous enough for novice users who look for quick editing.

Download Aviary Photo Editor For Windows 10

  • Open up the app and take a picture or select a photo from your image gallery that you want to edit.
  • Select any image that you want to edit and open it via Aviary Photo editor. In the editor, you will see lots of editing tools like add Effects, Frames, Stickers, Crop, Focus, change Orientation and Brightness.

But if simple photo crop, adjust levels, orientation change or good compression is what you want; then Aviary Photo Editor will prove to be a handy app. Aviary Photo Editor for Windows 10 is powerful for a free app and will be a practical, basic addition to your library.

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