10 Best Apple Watch Application in 2019

In the event that there’s one smartwatch that is not shy of applications, it’s the Apple Watch. Contrasted with what Google, Samsung, and Fit bit’s smartwatch application stores bring to the table, the Apple Watch applications obviously win on amount and quality.

With highlights like GPS, LTE and a waterproof plan for swimming, there are such a large number of explanations behind designers making applications for Apple’s smart watches. This has just been additionally upgraded by the incredible highlights of watchOS 5 and the bigger showcase on the Series 4.

Best Apple Watch Application to use in 2019

Be that as it may, which Apple Watch applications would it be advisable for you to download first? We’ve scoured the App Store, tried several applications and sketched out our top picks underneath – with the 10 best applications.

Strava – Best Apple Watch Application


The boss of wellness applications has completely grasped GPS-followed running and cycling on the Apple Watch. It took a long time to arrive, however, in the wake of testing the application out and about, results are great: separations are nailed onto devoted running watches and the experience was steady and dependable. Live pacing isn’t so solid and we discovered it was somewhat slow and unfortunately there are no live Segments information, however, for genuine sprinters and cyclists, it’s the best on the App Store. It’s additionally an independent application, so don’t be hesitant to take off without your iPhone.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather apple watch application

To help spare you from White Walker assaults or being broiled to a fresh by the sun, CARROT Weather dishes up a beautiful Apple Watch application interface, stuffed with data. The application’s ‘artificial intelligence’ chuckles at your mishap when it’s pouring down, however you can, in any event, alter symbol spaces to your preferences – expecting you buy the application’s premium IAP and this is why it is one of the Best Apple Watch Application which is Worth every  penny.


espn watch app

You’re on the planet’s longest and most silly conference with no thought regarding the advancement of your most loved group’s most recent amusement. Enter, the Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN, which will keep you refreshed on the scores from your picked group in practically any game. Include a not too bad aiding of breaking news alarms and inconveniences that can keep you aware of everything initially and there’s no better answer for games fans.

Things 3

Things 3

We’re profound into GTD (Get Things Done) an area with Things, a to-do director swung up to 11. On iPhone, it quickly turns into the center point for arranging as long as you can remember, arranging things into ‘Today’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Anytime’. The Apple Watch application is for legitimately focusing on your present errands, which can be shown as an inconvenience, ticked off when complete and added to when something pressing comes in.



The noxious CARROT AI drags you through hellfire, doing ‘Superstar Face Punches’ and ‘Monster Mating Dances’. Begin your exercise and your Apple Watch can turn into a heads-up showcase, so you recognize what practice you ought to do – or can stop things for a bit if your body’s going to break. Additionally, in case you’re a CARROT Weather client, you get another climate difficulty! Yahoo for working around Apple’s confusion rules!


Rules! app

Rules! gives you a day-by-day smaller than normal amusement challenge, which is tied in with retaining tenets and tapping applicable cards. Simple! Just it isn’t, on the grounds that few adjusts in, you’ll be juggling a group of standards in your mind which must be managed backward request, at the same time realizing that a solitary wrong tap closes your game. With watchOS 5, the application’s unquestionably increasingly responsive, flaunts more dimensions, includes haptic input and packages the cutest inconvenience you’re ever liable to see.


Cheatsheet app

In case you’re the sort of individual everlastingly overlooking vital subtleties – the workplace Wi-Fi secret password, another telephone number, your very own name – Cheatsheet gives you a chance to make a little rundown of speedy notes and push them on your Apple Watch. Everything can have its own symbol, making it less demanding to spot and you can set things to show up on your watch face as a Complication. Note that the Apple Watch application requires you purchase the erratic IAP – however, doing as such likewise opens iCloud match up and different treats for the iOS application.


Streaks app

For shaping propensities – positively – there’s nothing superior to Streaks. On your iOS gadget, you characterize up to 12 propensities. These can be one-off or coordinated undertakings; each can be relegated to a particular day or to be finished a specific number of times each week or month. It’s everything truly adaptable and the Apple Watch application turns into a way to get a mind buzz as you track undertakings, run clocks and imprint everything complete.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record

On iPhone, Just Press Record is an effective application for making snappy chronicles: tap the record catch, record some sound, stop the account and your sound at that point adjust to the cloud. This is all now on your wrist as well and you can even record without your iPhone around.
What’s more, splendidly, the iPhone application presently offers an interpretation. So you can converse with your wrist and later get a content record of what you said.


It’s astounding Apple excluded a calculator from Apple Watch (possibly Tim Cook detests Casio), yet we’re dead chuffed that PCalc exists to chivalrously act the hero. It has a savvy interface, with administrators and tips computation only a tap away. Everything’s super-responsive, and you can utilize the Digital Crown to alter tip sums. Liberally, the free PCalc Lite likewise incorporates the Apple Watch application.


Citymapper best apple watch application

In case you’re in one of the bolstered urban communities, Citymapper is an unquestionable requirement. It zeroes in on open transport and gives exact, clear guidelines on getting from spot to spot. You’re educated about occasions for up and coming transports or cable cars and can get to a layout of the stops to expect on your adventure. Citymapper’s confusions can put your ETA and bearings directly on your watch face. The best part? It works with LTE, so on the off chance that you left your telephone back at the hotel, you won’t experience any difficulty finding your way around.

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That’s it, this was all about Best Apple Watch Application you can use in 2019, we have listed all the types of apps which we have tried personally if you have any more suggestions then please let us know in comments and we will surely add it up here in this article.

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