Top 5 Best DNS Servers (Free and Public)

While talking about securing Internet connections or accessing information that’s, actually, blocked within your geographical area, you would have found out about Best DNS Servers. Even though that your Websites Provider (ISP) has a standard DNS Server, you might have to locate an alternate DNS server in some situations. You may recall some of these circumstances in case you read the benefits of having an alternative DNS service together with your net connection. Well, in case you are still doubtful why you ought to use an alternative DNS server, we have a couple of reasons for one to check out.

Your ISP automatically assigns DNS servers once your switch or computer links for the internet via DHCP… but you do not have to use these. You can set your custom Best DNS for Gaming if you want. There are many paid and free DNS servers providers are there to allow users to change their DNS servers.

Any attentive organization or home user will begin to change their DNS Provider if throughput or supply isn’t as much as a scratch but few know they could do the identical issue with all the ‘nameservers’ fixing the global Domain Name System (DNS). The task of DNS name servers will be to resolve public internet addresses or areas to their underlying TCP/IP addresses. This seems like an easy method but there are always a number of variables that affect performance. The obvious of these is just the roundtrip time between your client system as well as the Best DNS Servers itself, that may rely on physical distance along with response times from any DNS infrastructure associated with a question.

Top 5 Best DNS Servers (Free and Public)

Security: DDoS attacks on Best DNS Servers emphasize the system’s weakness – no website whose DNS servers have already been overloaded will have the ability to perform much business. So it is very important to secure Fastest DNS Servers for Ps4.

Changing DNS settings: For IPv4, this can be performed for every Computer link or for each system over a circle through the circle router’s DNS settings panel. On Windows 10, demand Control or Adjustments panel for the Ether or Wireless properties box and clicking on IPv4 properties. Then untick the ‘obtain DNS server address automatically’ and establish the correct address for your service that’s planning to be used. For home routers, the exact same is reached via the configuration software, usually in the WAN settings under something similar to DNS settings.

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WHAT IS Best DNS Servers?

If you are a tech geek then you may know what is DNS. DNS is called Domain Name Service that links an IP address with a domain name. For example, you type into your browser to arrive here right? But the name isn’t the whole story. When you type, DNS convert it into an ip address.And finally, you get to the site.

1. Google Public DNS – Free Public Best DNS Servers

With an intent of making the internet faster & more secure, Google Community DNS has been helping online users. It’s currently the largest public DNS service on earth. You can start using Google Public DNS by adjusting your IP addresses to and These DNS servers are safe to use.

2. OpenDNS

If you’re not buying a simple DNS alternative but a comprehensive variation that gives you superior control, then go with OpenDNS. While the company says, you will have the ability to take a further step of stability by implementing this DNS support within your products. and are IP addresses for OpenDNS.


If you ask users, you’ll get a good impression about DNS.WATCH. It is a powerful DNS service has been providing consistent service to get a long time. IP addresses for DNS.WATCH are and

4. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is another DNS Support comes with three distinct variants of protection. While the first is against spyware, phishing, and spam, the second one is meant for the protection of security and pornography.

5. Level3 DNS

Level3 DNS is an excellent third party paid DNS service. Though never as large as that of Google, Level3 has a remarkable structure. DNS server IP of Level 3 is,,,, and

Above we have mentioned top 5 free and paid Best DNS Server for Gaming, Fastest DNS Servers which are fast, reliable for public use and Best DNS Servers for Ps4 2017. Comment below if you need any help.

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