Top 5 Best Alternatives to Record Music Videos

If you are on Instagram, then you have noticed that nowadays so many teenagers are posting small music videos with the app called You can act on a music video for 15 seconds. According to the news sources, the app is being sold to a Chinese social media Toutiao for $1 billion. There are many that you can use to make music videos for social media. Here are top 5 best alternatives that you can try out to create lip-sync videos.

Best Alternatives

1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a viral app for Android and iOS users just like that has been present around for a long while and allowed you to do everything that you can do with Dubsmash comes with a huge number of short audio clips that help you to make a music video.

After you finish your selfie video, then you may download it or share with friends and family through Whatsapp or Facebook. It’s possible to Make an extremely funny video in only 3 simple actions. At this time you’ve got to make Dubsmash video. The very first and foremost thing which you will require as a way to create any video on dubsmash is sound. To begin with, open the app and choose the audio that you want to utilize for video. Gaming videos are huge at this time.

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The very first step of the way to use Dubsmash is to download it. Dubsmash also supplies you a search bar so you can easily look for a sound that is related to any specific song lyrics, actor, movie, commercial or anything! So what’s Dubsmash, it’s a new app that mixes several elements to make fun videos that you’re able to send to your buddies. This is a perfect Alternative in 2018.

It is possible to add the sounds you prefer in your Soundboard. All you need to do is to pick a sound from the huge library and get started dubbing. It’s possible to add any sound in soundboard which you like. You may also look for a sound of an actor particularly, movie, lyrics, etc.. So after to be able to get to the recording screen, you want to click the sound, and you’ll be told to the respective spot. First, you should select your favorite sounds on Dubsmash app. It’s a substantial group of music from worldwide.

2. Flipagram

Flipagram is one type of video editing app allow you to make selfie videos. It has a large collection of songs that you can use to make videos. The App is available for Android and iOS devices.

This app allows users to “flip” to mashup the photos, videos, text, and 30-second snippet. It has good editing tools for creating videos from photos, creating photo video collage and slideshow.

3. Funimate

Funimate is the perfect Alternative to, has all the latest popular music tracks allow users to record lip-sync music. Open the App and choose the music. You can also create stunning compilations, videos, slow-motion captures with the help of Funimate. You can download the app for Android and iOS devices.

This app helps you lip-sync songs, record yourself and edit videos and add some cool, effects, It also enables you to record slo-mo videos.

4. Tik Tok

This app is similar to and has strong video platform. This app is easy to use; You just have to record short clips, apply effects, music, and share. There is also vast music library.

5. Cheez

This app helps you record and edit small videos. This app also helps you merge, duplicate, trim and edit videos. You can also have the dance-off, daily battle and other kinds of challenges. Lip-sync option is also available.

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