Top 21 Best Xposed Modules For Android

Xposed frame modules help Android users to customize their rooted Android Phone to extends its capability and install more features and increase the performance of their device. The main part is that this is completely done by without touching the original system files or APKs. Xposed Framework alters your Android devices completely. But make sure that you will need a Rooted Android Phone to download and install any Xposed Framework.

These Android Xposed frame modules exclusively shared with tricksmaze, run only through memory and they don’t damage any inner system files. These best xposed modules 2018 are safe for each Android Smartphone and tablet computers. You can Enable or disable any xposed modules. Xposed framework allows customization allowing Android users to enhance the appearance or add features without altering the original system files or APKs.Android is one of the popular mobile operating systems and the motive for this popularity is, its customization. In Android, you can change everything and eliminate any program using Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow and Top Xposed Modules 2018. Below are some innovative customization tips with the support of some tools.

The performance of Xposed comes through the countless modules made for it and reachable through the Xposed Installer software. Here is our selection of the 21 best Xposed modules. Most are accessible through the Xposed program; many may be saved from your Play Store.

Best Xposed Modules

What’s a Xposed Framework? – Xposed modules operate through main memory. It’s not hard to get rid of any changes made to the device simply by disabling the modules and rebooting. It won’t alter any system file settings. You will find tens of thousands of Xposed Modules are offered for Android. You can grab or hunt for Xposed Framework Modules on XDA forum. This Xposed installer module is specially designed for the battery optimization, UI tweaks, to increase system time and much more. If you’re using Oppo one and then you need to check best xposed modules.

Top Xposed Modules 2018 for Lollipop & Marshmallow

You’ll get top Xposed modules until the conclusion of this post. However, this module may add app icon and do a few other things on the lock screen. It is a must-have if you want to change the appearance of your phone without having to install a custom ROM. These modules can edit lots of things on your phone and boost the capabilities of your apps by a lot. This module permits you to change colors of distinct indicators in your device. It has long been among the most common Xposed modules.

XInternalSD module assists in altering the path to SD card that is used by apps to store the data. For instance, if you use this module, you are going to have to take a look at any notification on your screen rather than attempting to open them from the status bar. There’s an incredible module that may make this work easier.

Method one deals with the simplest step to try to solve these difficulties. Should the problem be related to a specific downloaded program, you may want to try out uninstalling and reinstalling that program. After it is removed, you should re-download it and make an effort to solve the issue.

No one would like to spend the time to comprehend the hidden features in an App. It takes a while to get used to it. With this mode, you can get rid of the delay time when taking a screenshot.

There are more than a million apps readily available on Android and iOS, but only some of them perform well concerning user engagement and the variety of downloads. Your app offers something already readily available free of charge. Observe what people are complaining about the apps and attempt to produce solutions to those problems by your application.

Best xposed modules 2018 Android Apk

The real beauty of Xposed Framework is that it can often give you best features that you would find in any custom ROM. So, if you like Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense, or just plain stock Android, but you don’t want to deal with flashing a custom ROM, Xposed Framework is the way to go. You can install any UI you want using Xposed Modules.

Download Android Xposed Framework Modules (Full Collection of Best Android Framework Modules)

How to install Xposed Framework on your Android device

Make sure your Android Smartphone must be Rooted after Root permission.

  • First of all, you need to download Xposed framework for your Android version, basically Xposed framework available for 4.1+ Android versions.
  • Google it and find the Xposed framework for your Android version, install Xposed framework on your smartphone.

  • Now your phone has Xposed Framework installed.
  • Open it, and then it will ask for Root permissions, allow it.
  • Now you have to click on framework and click on install/update (if it shows you redline instructions or update notification)
  • After click on Install/update, it will install Xposed in your system, and you will get a success message. Then Reboot your phone once again.

  • Now you have Xposed framework installed; Now it’s time for installing the best-Xposed module for your Android device also I will mention my favorite and best Xposed modules which let you enable to get most out of Your Android Smartphone.

Top Best Xposed modules 2018 for Android phone (Updated)

  • Gravity Box
  • Greenify
  • Pokemon goes gamepad
  • Fake GPS location
  • Google play store theme changer
  • Device ID changer
  • Xprivacy
  • Soft navigation keys
  • WhatsApp theme engine
  • Enable ambient display

1. Gravity Box

The Gravity box is the best module for changing the functionality of your device. It changes your device completely with kernel changes. It is also one of the best xposed modules marshmallow. So download Xposed modules apk file given below.

Download for Marshmallow

Download for Lollipop

2. App Settings

App Setting is a Xposed module which allows changing generic settings on a per-app basis. It means settings those comes to all applications, like perceived DPI, rotation behavior, full screen etc. it is not just limited to it but xposed snapchat modules are also available on it.

3. Wanam Kit – Xposed installer modules

This Application is an AOSP/Nexus/Google Edition variant of this one; it provides many customization options for your AOSP/Stock Android 4.4+ firmware. This App does NOT require Root access, it’s needed for Xposed framework installation only, and a user can remove it afterward.

4. XuiMod

5. Xblast Tools

Xblast Tools have features to customize the Android devices by using a large number of features.

  • Install Xposed Installer and then Install Xposed Framework
  • Also, Install XblastTools and then Activate the module in Xposed app
  • Change the color of the status bar and notification bar clock color as you like
  • Soft reboot the phone to see the changes

6. Youtube AdAway

  • It will block YouTube Ads, Channel Logo, videos suggestions
  • Delete Information card teasers

How to Install?

  • You have to install Xposed Installer and framework first.
  • Install  AdAway App on your Device.
  • Open Xposed > enable App on the modules and then Reboot. Simple !

7. XHaloFloatingWindow

This one helps to Transparency, Size, and Gravity for Halo Windows.

8. Awesome Pop-up Video

This video player plays in a pop-up window, “Picture-in-Picture mode” is a similar name to Awesome Pop-up Video.

9. Tinted Status Bar

This tints status bar and customizes the tint color on a per app basis. This can use with Jelly Bean and KitKat devices.

10. Screen Filter

This helps to dim the screen in order to protect the eyes. It is powerful than Android’s built-in brightness setting. For gaming, web browsing, and eBook reading this is a good choice. This helps to save battery life also.

11. XInternalSD

This module changes the value of Android APIs. Control this path in module’s settings.

12. XPrivacy

This helps to protect sensitive private data. This module helps to prevent access to unauthorized applications. Read more about Privacy.

13. Ringer & Notification Volume Unlink in ICS/JB/KK/L

This can split the two streams and it is based on AOSP Audio Service and source codes in settings.

14. Advanced Power Menu+

Power menu is customized from this module and work with the myriad of devices likes AOSP, Xperia, and TouchWiz ROMs.

15. LiveIcons

LiveIcons creates boring icons of Apps to more attractive once.

16. FakeID vulnerability fixes 1.1

This app helps to prevent from malicious objects and to ensure to sign with trusted providers. NFC access, the browser plug-in, and others loaded as extensions in this module.

17. “Master Key” vulnerabilities

This allows replacing code on a signed APK without invalidating the signature to it

18. NotifyClean

This module helps to clean the notification area

19. Force Fast Scroll

This module allows list views to use the fast scroll. It helps to drag the scrollbar thus allowing you to quickly scroll

20. Play Store Changelog

This module allows users to change logs of installed Apps.

21.  WhatsAppX

If you are a die heart Whatsapp use then this is the best module for you. It gives you features like – quick reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the notification, Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call and password protect a chat inside the WhatsApp.

Other Most Popular Best Xposed Frameworks for Android:

  1. iFont
  2. Shaky
  3. XinternalS
  4. X installer
  5. LockScreen Tweakbox
  6. XAD
  7. Force Immersive Mode
  8. Flat Style Colored Bars
  9. Instagram Downloader
  10. Keep chat
  11. Android Phone Vibrator
  12. Dynamic Notifications
  13. Phab7 No-Reboot UI Switcher
  14. Xposed Additions.
  15. BootManager

Android Xposed Modules are among the most used addons to customize Android Phones with awesome Xposed Tweaks. Top Xposed Modules can offer new tweaks to your Android phone. It will enter your device’s root access and make alterations to internal features of your mobile.

The Vast Majority of the Android users are using Xposed Framework Modules. It requires root permission. You want to sideload Xposed because it’s not a formal program but if you follow the above link. We hope you enjoyed this article on Xposed Framework Modules for Android Smartphones. You may download all the Framework from XDA forum link supplied above.

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