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Bigg Boss Malayalam is one of the most watched shows that we have right now! And you are here to save the most favorite person in the house from being eliminated. You have landed on the right page! Here we have the facility for Bigg Boss Malayalam vote procedure. So vote and read about your favorite Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant and vote for him / her.


Bigg Boss Malayalam is one of the most loved shows that we have running in the television. Such is the fan following of the contestants that people also prefer to read and know about the stars hence vote for them and save them.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestants Names

bigg boss malayalam vote

  • Shwetha Menon
  • Deepan Murali
  • Sreelakshmi
  • Aditi Rai
  • Basheer Bashi
  • Manoj Varma
  • Pearly Maaney
  • David John
  • Sabu
  • Archana Suseelan
  • Ranjini Haridas
  • Srinish Aravind
  • Hima Shankar
  • V.Suresh Thampanoor
  • Diya Sana
  • Anoop Chandran

Bigg Boss Malayalam started from June 24th, 2018 and since then it has been a hit!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote – How To Vote

By Missed Call

There is a facility to vote for your favorite contestants by giving missed call on number given on the TV screen which you have to use. Just dial the given number on your mobile’s keypad. Then give a missed call on the number and add specified number of your favorite contestants.

By Sending SMS

You can also send SMS on the given number using your mobile phone where you should keep in mind to type the message perfectly so that it counts. Your vote will not count if you have not typed your message in the given format. So keep in mind to type the message correctly and go for the code assigned to favorite contestant and send the SMS.

Online Polls

There is an official site for voting the contestants which is showed on the television. Apart from that, there are also other online polls and sites provided by some sponsoring partners apps which allows you to vote your favorite contestant. You can use these sites to vote.

How to Vote Online? Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Step 1 – Open up Google on your computer / smartphone.

Step 2 – Type Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote on the google search bar.

bigg boss malayalam vote

Step 3 – Login through your Gmail account.

Step 4 – Go to the official site and vote for your favorite contestant.

Step 5 – You will be given 50 votes per day.

Step 6 – You can vote all 50 votes either to a single person or to multiple people

Step 7 – Your favorite contestant will be saved if they get more votes than others.

Bigg Boss Contestants Names & Profession | Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Contestant Name Profession Status
Shweta Menon Film Actress Safe
Sabumon Abdusamad Film Actor Safe
Aristo Suresh Film Actor Nominated
Hima Shankar Film Actress Nominated
Anoop Chandran Film Actor Safe
Diya Sana Gender Right Activist Nominated
Sreelakshmi Sreekumar Film Actress Safe
Srinish Aravind Film Actor Nominated
Ranjini Haridas Film Actress Safe
Deepan Murali Film Actor Safe
David John Film Actor Nominated
Manoj Varma Businessman Safe
Shweta Menon Film Actress Safe
Basheer Bashi Film Actor and Model Safe
Archana Suseelan Film Actress Safe
Pearle Maaney Film Actress Safe

How To Stay In Bigg Boss House?

The concept of Bigg Boss is very interesting. All the sixteen contestants are put inside a house where they are not given any access to outside world. No one is allowed to meet the people of the outside world or be in touch with them. There is no technology which helps them to connect with their families. bigg boss malayalam vote

All the 16 contestants who are total strangers live with each other in the house. There are tasks given to them by Bigg Boss himself. They have to complete these tasks with each other in their teams and by competing against rival team.

Whoever wins the task is given immunity or some other sort of reward which is advantageous to them by helping them stay in the show. Whoever loses the task is subjected to elimination. But before elimination, the contestants nominate each other for elimination according to their preference or whoever is their favorite.

bigg boss malayalam vote

Hence, it is not only important to win tasks to stay in the house but it is also important to maintain good relations with everyone. But as they say, it is not possible to be good to everyone. So people have to play strategically and also play mind games inside the house to stay in the competition.

Also read about what is going on in Bigg Boss Telugu.

In short, if you are smart enough and remain loyal to your tribe in the house, then you can be safe from elimination.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner

There is no doubt that the player who will go to the end will be declared the winner. And only he / she can win who wins the hearts of the public. So who will it? Will it be Shweta Menon or Anoop Chandran or Manoj Varma or someone else? Find out by watching the show and voting for your favorite contestant.


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