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Bigg Boss Tamil started on 17th June and it has been raking high ratings since then. And why not?! After all, Bigg Boss Tamil is a show which you love or hate but just cannot ignore. The audience is loving to watch the celebrities fight for the top spot and compete by planning & plotting. It just couldn’t get better than this.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 2 is set to have 100 episodes and 16 contestants among whom only one will be declared the winner. The winner of last season was Tiruchchirapalli-based model-actor Aarav. Let us see who will win this time. Do you want your favorite contestant to win? Then vote for them as we have covered Bigg Boss Tamil Vote also in the article.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Contstants List

bigg boss tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants Names
What They Are Famous For
Nitya (Thadi Balaji Wife)
Janani Iyer Actress
Yashika Anand Instagram Model
Mumtaj Actress
Ramya NSK Singer
Ishwarya Dutta Actress
Ananth Vaidyanathan Singer
Mahat Raghavendra Actor
Thadi Balaji Comedy Actor
Riythvika Actress
Vaishnavi RJ Radio Jockey
Ponnambalam Actor
Sendrayan Comedy Actor
Mamathi Chari
Television Actress, Anchor, RJ
Shariq Hassan Actor
Daniel Pope Comedy Actor

How To Vote For Favorite Contestant – Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

There are three ways by which you can vote for your favorite contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. These ways are:

SMS Voting

You can vote for your favorite contestant by sending the SMS in the given format to number given on TV screen. Remember to send SMS in the specified format only.

If you send the SMS in some other format then it will not be counted as vote. Even if the spacing is not perfectly done as mentioned, it will be disqualified. Also send the SMS in the given timing only.

Missed Call

Another way you can vote for your favorite contestant is by going for missed call. All you have to do is dial the number and add the code specific to your favorite contestant of bigg boss tamil season 2. Then hit the call button and thus your vote is registered.

Online Voting

Step 1 – Open up Google.

Step 2 – On the google search bar, type Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.

Step 3 – Login with your Gmail account.

Step 4 – Open up the official site and vote for your favorite contestant.

Step 5 – You will have 50 votes per day to vote.

Step 6 – You can send all 50 votes either to a single contestant or to multiple people.

Step 7 – Thus save your favorite contestant by voting for him / her.

Bigg Boss Tamil Trivia

Bigg Boss Tamil is a show hosted by the very popular host Kamal Hassan who has been the host of bigg boss tamil season 1 as well. The show started on 17th June and has been a hit since then. There are various shows but none of them have been as popular as Bigg Boss show.

bigg boss tamil

The concept is that total of 16 contestants are put inside the house and they do not have any access to the outside world. There is no technology to keep them connected to their families and friends. They have to live with each other who are strangers in the beginning.

They play various games and complete tasks to go ahead in the game. The audience votes, hence they are saved.

Tamil Bigg Boss 2 Information

Season 2 Start Date June 17,2018
Host Kamal Hassan
Voting Methods Online and Missed Call Voting
TV Partner Vijay TV
Number of Episodes 100 Episodes
Location EVP Film City,Chennai
Wildcard Entries 2 or 3
Online Streaming Hotstar
Number of Housemates 16

Bigg Boss Season 2 Tamil Elimination

Each week the contestants nominate other players based on their preference, who they want in the game and who they don’t. Each contestant is allowed to nominate maximum 2 contestants.

bigg boss tamil

Based on the nominated contestants, the contestants nominated the most times are selected for elimination. Then the public votes for their favorite contestant to save them. The one with the least votes loses and is eliminated.

Week 1 Elimination in Tamil Bigg Boss 2

In the first week, there was no elimination of the contestants. The audience was informed not to vote anyone. But the contestants inside the house were not aware of this. They had nominated 4 contestants. Anand Vaithiyanadhan, Mumtaz, Nithya and Riythvika were the contestants nominated.

Thus their fans are relieved for now as their favorite stars are still in the house.

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