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Admit it that you all are accustomed of watching Bigg Boss. Aren’t you?

Either you deliberately came searching here for the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting System or stumbled across the same. Whatever the reason is, you eventually are in the right place, here; we all be unfolding all the information related to Bigg Boss Telugu, and the voting procedures at your fingertips.

The reality TV show Bigg Boss has been widely loved and appreciated by people of the country. Therefore, it hardly came as a surprise when the Telugu-version of this favorite reality show became a huge hit. The Telugu version of Bigg Boss premiered on 16th July 2017. The show went off-air on 24th September 2017. Everyone was eager for the second edition of the Bigg Boss Telugu and finally, the second season of Bigg Boss has started from 10th June 2018.

A brief insight of Bigg Boss Telugu


The second season of Bigg Boss Telugu promises to be as exciting as its predecessor. The show has found a new host Nani who replaces the former host Jr. NTR. Already, the Bigg Boss 2 is creating a ripple in the TRP ratings and is expected to increase more. The show is being telecasted on the Star Maa (a channel of the Star India Private Limited) channel daily at 9:30 pm IST and at 9 pm on the weekends. The show will run till 100 days and features sixteen participants.

The biggest USP of the Bigg Boss reality show lies in its unique concept. 16 participants are all set to live in a special home. In their tenure of these 100 days, the participants have no provisions to connect with anyone else. The house does not have any means of communication. As the show goes on, one of the participants has to leave the house. The
housemates have the provision of nominating two of their fellow contestants. The contestants who receive the maximum nominations will be shortlisted and appear in the danger zone. The audience vote will ultimately decide their fate.

Every week one contestant will be shown the exit. Finally, it boils down to three to four people only. During the finale, another round of voting cycle decides who is going to win the title. The elimination criterion is solely on the audience votes. Anyone watching Bigg Boss 2 Telugu can vote for their favorite participant through missed calls and online voting.

Bigg Boss 2 6th Eliminated Candidate: Tejaswi

Yet again our polls shows the result, it has been Tejaswi to get eliminated from house in 6th week. Still We can’t see any wild card entry till now!

Bigg Boss 2 5th Eliminated Candidate: Bhanu Sree

In the 5th week eliminations, bhanu sree got eliminated.

Bigg Boss 2 4th Eliminated Candidate: Syamala

Unexpecting things happening at the house, This week its Syamala who got eliminated. Kaushal & Tejaswi using thier voting powers saved Nandini & Deepti from elimination.

Bigg Boss 2 3rd Eliminated Candidate: Keerti

As all expected it happend, by just going wrong in one episode today keerti is Out of the House! Yet again our polls is correct! Keerthi just scored 4% of Total votes in our Poles and made a way back to his home!

Bigg Boss 2 2nd Eliminated Candidate: Nutain Naidu

Nutain Naidu is the 2nd person to be eliminated in the 2nd week of Bigg Boss Season 2. He also a Commoner. As every one thought it seems to be the commoners are the one who getting eliminated in the inital stages of the game. According to our poles*, we also can say that Nutain Naidu & Ganesh are Close to each other in terms of votes. Hope we wont see one more wildcard entry today 😛

We will Keep you updated more abojut this! Stay tuned and Continue Reading the Artcile!

Bigg Boss 2 1st Eliminated Candidate: Sanjana Anne

It’s Sanjana who has been eliminated in the 1st week of Bigg Boss Season 2. Today Episode is more about Fathers day! 🙂  After sanjana elimination we have first wildcard entry, Nandini Rai joins the House!

Our Polls showed the results way before! In case if you Missed, just scroll above to find the Poll results, Sanjana Anne just scored 9% of Votes and made her way to elimination.

The rules for participants of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

  • All the sixteen contestants will enter the Bigg Boss house on the first day itself. Once they are in, they cannot leave the premises anymore.
  • Each week one of the contestants will face eviction. The audience poll will decide the outcome.
  • None of the contestants has the permission to sleep during the daytime or when the alarm rings. Punishment awaits them for violating the rules.
  • The contestants are assigned a particular task, and they have to perform their duties accordingly.
  • In no circumstances, the participants cannot use mobile phones, watch television, read newspaper, etc. In a nutshell, they will have no connection with the outside world.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Participants List

The following are the celebrity participants of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu:

  • Geetha Madhuri – Singer
  • Amit Tiwari – Renowned villain
  • Deepti Nallamothu – TV9 Anchor
  • Tanish Alladi – Actor
  • Babu Gogineni – Indian Humanist, Rationalist and Human rights activist
  • Bhanu Sree – Actress
  • Roll Rida – Rapper
  • Syamala – Anchor
  • Kireeti Damaraju – Actor
  • Deepthi Sunaina – Social Media Star & Actress
  • Kaushal – Actor
  • Tejaswi Madivada – Actress
  • Samrat Reddy – Actor & Cricketer
  • Nandini – Miss AP 2010 ( Wildcard Entry)

The Commoners include:

  • Ganesh – Radio Jockey, Vijayawada.
  • Sanjana Anne – Model, Miss Hyderabad, Miss India Participant, Vijayawada. (Eliminated on 17th June)
  • Nutan Naidu – Social Activist, Visakhapatnam. (Eliminated on 24th June)

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu (Second Week List of those in danger zone)

After the first elimination in the show, we have the list of participants who are in the danger zone. Now is the time for you to vote for your favorite participant to ensure they are safe.

The names of the nominated participants for eviction are Babu Gogineni, Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh, Kaushal & Nutan Naidu.

Bigg Boss 2 Voting Procedure (Online Method)

We already mentioned before, the audience can cast their vote by giving a missed call or using the online medium. So, let us start with the online procedure first.

  • Most importantly, the person participating in voting must be 18 years old.
  • Login with your Gmail credentials and search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss Voting.”
  • You will immediately see the list of candidates who are currently in the danger zone for the week.
  • You can click on your favorite participant and cast your votes. You will find the voting bar adjacent to the image of each participant.
  • If you do not know this already, you can cast 50 votes per voting cycle and ten votes per day to save your favorite participants. Click the “Continue” option to vote.
  • Remember the voting procedure initiates from Monday to Friday after the show ends. Any votes given after the voting cycle is over will be considered invalid.

Bigg Boss 2 Voting Procedure (Missed Call Method)

Each of the contestants is assigned a particular number. Here we provide the list of those who are in the danger zone.

Geetha MadhuriSingerNominated7729998801
Bhanu SreeActressIn the house7729998804
Babu GogineniRationalistNominated7729998805
Roll RidaSingerIn the house7729998807
Deepti NallamothuAnchorNominated7729998808
Nutan NaiduCommonerEliminated7729998809
Tanish AlladiActorIn the house7729998811
Deepthi SunainaActressIn the house7729998812
Amit TiwariActorIn the house7729998813
Sanjana AnneModelELIMINATED7729998814
Samrat ReddyActorIn the house7729998815
Kireeti DamarajuActressELIMINATED7729998816
Kaushal MandaActorNominated7729998817
Nandini RaiModelNominatedNA

You can give a missed call to the number of your favorite participant and make them safe. We already mentioned the list of participants who are in the danger zone in the inaugural week. Now, let us look at the numbers assigned to them:

  • Deepti – 7729998808
  • Ganesh- 7729998803
  • 6th Week – Tejaswi (Eliminated)
  • 5th Week – Bhanu Sree (Eliminated)
  • 4th week Syamala – 7729998802 (Eliminated)
  • 3rd week Keeriti eliminated – 7729998816 (Eliminated)
  • 2nd Week eliminated Nutan Naidu- 7729998809(Eliminated)
  • 1st week elimanted contestant is Sanjana Anne- 7729998814 (Eliminated)

For Online Voting login to Gmail and Click Here

The Missed Call facility is valid for Indian phone numbers only having a legitimate registration with the service operators of the country.

The missed call facility is usable from both landline and mobile numbers. The voters will instantly receive an SMS from Star India Private Limited confirming the vote has been cast.

The elimination procedure in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

After the voting cycle ends, the contestant who receives the least number of votes will have to exit from the Bigg Boss show. The voting results are declared on Saturday by the host of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show. The remaining participants will continue their stay at the Bigg Boss house. Everyone stands a chance to be nominated for eviction, and it gradually comes down to a select few people only.

Elaborating the voting mechanism

The decision of Star India Private Limited is final. They have the rights to change the voting mechanism if they wish. The host of Bigg Boss 2 will explain the voting mechanism to the audience during each episode of the reality show. By now, you must have got the hang of things on how to cast your precious vote. If you decide to vote for a participant who is not shortlisted (in the danger zone) for that week, your vote will be useless.

The sole purpose of the voting procedure is to save the shortlisted candidates from eviction. Viewers, who vote, will be entirely doing so at their discretion. Star India Private Limited does not offer any rewards for the voters.

By all means, your vote can determine the fate of the contestants playing the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu game to win. Hurry! You have all the information at your fingertips now, so start voting for your favorite contestant and save them from expulsion.

Note: Updated Post with Table Format of Missed Call Numbers & Users Comments!


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