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Hangouts - BBM - Best Video Calling App for Android

Best Video Calling Applications for Android

Video calling has moved formally to become the standard. Huge numbers of current chat applications are incorporating video chats, including the eponymous Facetime of Apple. Talking applications without some kind of video chat nowadays feel …
Facetime for Android Download [Latest Version 2018]

Facetime for Android Download [Latest Version 2019]

Facetime application, one of the best application used for communication till date. Facetime is videotelephony product which was developed by Apple company in June 2010 for iOS devices. When Facetime messenger was released, it was one …
Block Ads & Pop-ups on Android

How to Block Ads & Pop-ups on Android

Who wants to see irritating Ads on website and Apps. Most of the Apps and Websites are making money from advertisers. You cannot escape from Ads. It doesn’t matter if you are using Computer or …