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USPS Holidays

USPS Holidays | Federal holidays in 2018

Below is a list of the USPS Holidays 2018. Mail won’t be sent or delivered on these days so plan accordingly. USPS has already announced all the USPS Holidays in advanced. It’s quite important to …
updated Technology of Phishing

The updated Technology of Phishing

The world of computer science has grown tremendously. Phishing is the fraudulent way of acquiring someone’s sensitive information like username, password and credit card details. Phishing fraudulent is accompanied by impersonating as a trustworthy entity in …
Common WhatsApp mistakes

Common WhatsApp mistakes all know Care

WhatsApp is a free application that we all have messages on smartphones. But you know what mistakes have you did not know. Check them out! Whatsapp application has become the Wild West of instant messaging. …