How to Print Change Address Form From US Post Office

Are you shifting to a new place? Or simply want to rent a post office? Here’s how to print a change of address form from the US Post Office. These are easy steps to change address form from US Post Office.

The US Post Office Service provides a form called the change-of-address form, (coded PS Form 3575). The hard copy of the form is available at all post offices. All you need to do is get the form from the United States Post Office and fill it out, then submit it to a Postal Service personnel.

Change Address Form From US Post Office

The USPS (United States Post Office Service) provides an online wizard that you can use to fill out form. You can download the form after filling it out from the online wizard.

Fill Out The Online Form – Change Address Form From US Post Office

Step 1 – Click ‘Continue‘ after visiting the USPS Change Of Address form page.

Step 2 – The Online Wizard gives you instructions on how to fill out the change address form from US post office. Fill out the form and submit the form after completion. If you are stuck at any step, go for Help section for instructions.

Step 3 – At the next step, on Verify Identification page, there appears link named ‘Print Your Request’. Do not click ‘Continue’ at this point. Print request here so that you can avoid paying $1.05 fee. You can even avoid putting up credit card information.

Step 4 – After completing the form filling, go for ‘Print and Mail Your Change of Address Form‘ page. Then type the ‘Captcha‘ which will be displayed. Then click on ‘Continue‘ and then go for ‘Ready To Print‘.

Step 5 – Click ‘Print‘.

Step 6 – Thus printed document is completely filled with your personal information, so you do not have to fill further information. Then you can directly submit the letter to your nearest US Post Office or you can mail it to your post man.

Offline Method – Change Address Form From US Post Office

Step 1 – Visit your nearest US Post Office.

Step 2 – Ask for Change Address Form from the post master.

Step 3 – You can buy the form for minimal fee and then fill out the form.

Step 4 – Then submit the form to the post office master and mention the purpose.

And then the office approves your application and your Post Office address is changed.

These are the easy steps to Change Address Form From US Post Office by either filling out the form through online wizard. Or by going to the post office directly.

There are some private companies also which provide a form on their sites that you need to download and print. This service is provided by them for their customers only.

If you have any other method which exists then mention in the comments section. We would be glad to hear from you. We hope these methods have helped you. For more such how to’s and tips and tricks, follow our popular site TricksMaze.

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