How to Change Address on Aadhaar Card Online

Aadhaar’s 12 digit number is unique to each as it’s dependent on the biometric information of an individual. Regardless of what you choose make sure you have what you’re choosing in case you have Aadhaar number choose it and should you have Enrolment number choose that. If your mobile number isn’t registered with the UIDAI portal, then take a look at another alternate method for it. Now if you have Aadhaar card with your old address and now you moved to a different location then what to do? You have to Change Address on Aadhaar Card.

If your number is linked with your Aadhar, then you can easily download your Aadhar Card online from UIDAI website. In other words, it is mandatory to receive the login password. It’s possible to verify your mobile number that’s been declared at the period of enrolment or during latest Aadhaar detail update. You’re going to be requested to enter your mobile number which you’ve mentioned. So you have to update your phone number Change Address on Aadhaar Card, and you’re able to change the right details on the Aadhaar card.

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Change Address on Aadhaar Card Online

It is easy to update your aadhar details online; it can likewise be updated manually by post. You may also update the details by going to the Aadhar office in your region. Aadhar Card Correction on the internet with the assistance of these guidelines you will get to learn how to fix the aadhaar card details online.

According to government notification if both the cards aren’t linked PAN card is going to be rendered useless. If you currently have aadhar card, then you have to update it.

If you would like to check the status of Aadhar card, then it’s available at official site. Otherwise, you might not get to be aware of the status of your card. You’re able to also understand how to check aadhar card status here. So, you can love to probably check your aadhar card status by name on Uidai government site and is searching for a detailed guide.

How to update an Address on Aadhaar card online

Step 1: Go to UIDAI website and click on Address Update Request

Step 2: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number > Send OTP > Enter this OTP on the UIDAI portal > Login.

Step 3: Select Address > proceed.

Step 4: Now fill the correct details in the box > check the details again.

Step 5: You will need to submit documents to verify information which is edited.

Step 6: Once document uploaded, Update Request Number is issued using which you can track the application. Now wait for sometime and you will receive a notification of your Address change application.

Now, if your Aadhaar card was generated, you’ll receive a notification your Aadhar card was generated, and you may then download e-Aadhaar from the Resident Portal. Aadhaar Card is Proof of Identity together with Address of the individual. If you’ve already enrolled for the Aadhaar card and you’re prepared to look at the status of your Aadhaar card, then it’s possible to do the very same with the help of enrollment number. It’s possible to download the Aadhaar card through internet medium, and you may use the e-Aadhaar enjoy the original Aadhaar card. It is critical to validate your Aadhaar card with the right info. It is possible to also download E-Aadhar card from the official site of uidai.

The procedure to Change Your Address on Aadhaar Card Online is quite easy, with the assistance of internet you’ll be able to stop by the official website of UIDAI. The form may also be filled in English and the local language. Other forms needed by the service agencies are also on the

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