How to Create a Samsung Account to Use Samsung Apps

If you are using Samsung Smartphones or tablet, then you will need a Samsung Account. However, it is not necessary to create a Samsung Account and use it on Samsung Devices but as Samsung offers a variety of features and services to Samsung account users so why don’t we use it. All you have to do is make a free Samsung Account using any Samsung Smart device and enjoy services, including apps, Samsung Drive, and Samsung web services. Before you can begin developing, you have to log in to your Samsung account. Which will allow the user to pay with just a few taps? The app is extremely simple to use, and you don’t even have to make a Google account to use it.

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Create a Samsung Account – Step By Step Guide

This kind of app will silently keep a watch out for the Samsung Galaxy actions on the behalf after it’s set up on the smartphone. You should observe the new app readily available to use. You will see over thirty apps pre-installed that you cannot uninstall. Your app is going to be some blend of concessions, in favor of different attributes. In the majority of cases, avoiding the app may be the best plan of action! It’s completely free, fairly straightforward to prepare, and ensures that you want to approve every app which their children try to download. You will discover a lot of such monitoring apps available nowadays in the industry.

Create a Samsung Account

You have to enter Samsung account ID and Samsung account password in order to login into Samsung Account. So many users are posting that they forgot their Samsung ID Login or my Samsung account login not working. Now in such situations, you can use forgot ID or Password link. You can easily recover your Samsung username and Password.

Creating a Samsung Account on Your Computer

If you don’t have a computer then don’t worry. You can easily set up and create a Samsung Account using your Samsung Device.

Step 1: Open a browser on your phone and then go to This will open form to create Samsung Account.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up and read the Terms & Conditions > Accept conditions.

Step 3: Fill all the details like email, password, and other details.

Step 4: Next and that’s it.

Now you must be thinking, how to add this new Samsung Account on Phone. So follow these steps to adding a Samsung Account on Phone.

Add Samsung Account on Phone

Step 1: Go to Settings > Accounts.

Step 2: Click on Add Accounts > Click on Samsung.

Step 3: Login > Accept terms and conditions for Samsung services.

Step 4: Enter an email address, password, and Login.


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