How to Create Spotify Account Step by Step

If you do not know or are a little lost in creating a Spotify account, we want to help you from here, because that’s what we are for. We will make every task within the app to be easier for you without losing much time since time is money and we are not to lose it.

It’s very easy, in a short time you can listen to your favorite artists, their songs, and their best albums to enjoy them. Spotify is available for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac also.

Spotify has been in the news recently, and it’s very likely that the audio streaming service will become highly popular once they start enrollment for users in other countries of the world. The service is now limited to streaming audio to some countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden or France. If You’re coming from a country that is currently not supported by Spotify then You’ll be greeted with the following screen:

Users from unsupported countries can enter their email address to be informed if Spotify opens registration for their nations also.

Create Spotify Account Step by Step

Follow these steps so that you can enjoy the service successfully, I expose it very clearly so that anyone can do it without having done it before:

The first thing to do is download the apk; it is very simple and quick to do, you must choose the device in which you want to have the platform to listen to music.

Once downloaded the application you must access it, once inside you will have two options, that of logging in or registering in Spotify, as I suppose you will not have an account registered, if not you would not be reading, you must go to the option of Sign up.

Once inside the option to register, two options are opened. You can register for your Facebook account (if you have one), it is the fastest way since once you choose this option in a few seconds you will be inside and enjoying it, but for my part I would recommend you to put your data for yourself in the future you have problems with your Facebook account.

Once inside you can choose if you want to continue with the plan free or you want to improve, avoid the publicity, better quality and choose the premium plan that they offer you.

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