How to Create Your Own Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet is an essential tool for most people who send fax messages regularly. Not only does it immediately introduce the sender to the receiver, but it can also contain the necessary information to make sure that the fax message is received the right way.

Create Your Own Fax Cover Sheet

Luckily, creating one is easy. In fact, you can easily create your own with some knowledge on basic Word programs like Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Open a New File

To create your fax cover sheet, you should create a new file in your Word program. For most programs, you can access this option in the File tab. This will have a “New” option that you can click. For some versions, they may ask you the type of file you want to create. Choose the blank document.

Step 2: Create a Template

Once you have your document, it is time to start creating a template. First, put your brand name at the top with your logo. If you need to create a table to align everything, do that. Just make sure that the lines of the table are invisible so that it looks good.

From here, you can now create other tables: one for the sender and another for the receiver. Just make sure that it has enough rows to contain the information of the sender and receiver. For the sender, I usually put the name, position, organization, e-mail and contact numbers. For the receiver, I put the whole name of the receiver, his or her position and the organization.

Then, I put an image at the bottom – this can be any drawing that can draw attention or I put a paragraph on how the message should be handled.

Step 3: Fill in the Necessary Information

Once you have successfully created the template, you can now fill in the necessary information. But before you do that, save the file first. This will now be your blank copy. Then, fill it up with the necessary information if you are now going to use it. Fill it with your name (if you are the sender) and other information and fill in the receiver’s name. Feel free to edit the paragraph or image according to your preferences.

That’s it! I think you can create a fax cover sheet in as little as 15 minutes. But if you are feeling lazy, you can always download some free fax cover sheets online. With this, you can just fill it up and send it.

Free Fax Cover Sheets for Business

Most business owners are feeling a little apprehensive in using some free fax cover sheets for their business. After all, “free” does not really have a good connotation in business. Usually, “free” is equated to services that are done haphazardly or products that just don’t perform well. But this is not the case for free fax cover sheets. Here are some reasons why you should not be afraid to use it for business.

They Make Your Work Easier

I have often wondered why some businesses just make their life hard. Some of them always end up creating something from scratch if they want to get something for free for their business. But this should not be the case for fax cover sheets. With so many free fax cover sheets on the Internet that are freely available for download, there is simply no reason not to use it. Not using it is like denying your business of the opportunity to do work in a faster and easier way.

They Help Your Business Save Money

Ultimately, these free fax cover sheets can save you money. While I know that premium fax cover sheets are not that expensive, that is still a few dollars that should be allocated to more important stuff in your business. Using free fax cover sheets that are readily available on the Internet will then help your business save some money. It can also help you to customize an existing fax cover sheet for your brand (which brings me to the next reason why you should use free fax cover sheets for business).

They Are Easy to Use

One of the most common complaints of users of free products is that the product is not able to fulfil their needs or the product is too hard to use. But this is not the case with free fax cover sheets. This is because these sheets are created in Word or other Word programs. This makes these files easy to edit and customize.

So if you’re a small business owner who constantly sends fax messages to your supplier or potential clients, it is time to up the ante and promote your brand while you’re at it with a free fax cover sheet. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to think about it. Just search for a free fax cover sheet online, download it, edit it in a few minutes and send it. It is that easy.

Types of Free Fax Cover Sheets

Fax cover sheets are usually sent with fax messages to indicate the name of the sender and to provide some information for the immediate receiver. Usually, it contains information about the sender such as his or her whole name along with his or her contact details and some details about the receiver that the sender is targeting. From here, the fax cover sheet also contains some information about how the fax message should be handled.

However, you just cannot use just any type of free fax cover sheet. You also have to consider why you are using a certain fax cover sheet and use the appropriate one for your purpose. Fax cover sheets, after all, come in different types. Here is a quick look at some of them.

Word-Based Fax Cover Sheets

First are the word-based fax cover sheets. If you look at its name, you’ll know that it is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a type of fax cover sheet that utilizes words as the main medium in relaying the message. The good thing with these cover sheets is that they look formal and they are best used for business purposes. Most of the business fax cover sheets I have seen are word based. This goes to show how useful this type of fax cover sheet is.

Illustrated Fax Cover Sheets

Aside from words, the other type of fax cover sheet is the illustrated or image type. In this fax cover sheet, the main medium is an image. If you’re new to seeing some fax cover sheets, you will say that this can be quite cute. However, the goal of this sheet is to catch attention and to get a reply as soon as possible from the recipient.

Hybrid Fax Cover Sheets

Of course, fax cover sheets are not exclusive to words and images. You can mix both so that you have a hybrid fax cover sheet. In this type of sheet, you get a fax cover sheet with an image to catch attention but has some tables that has names of the sender and receiver. This gives a good mixture of words and pictures. This works best for sending fax messages to people you know. It also works best if you want to explain something, but you want to put an image in there to catch some attention.

The different types of fax cover sheets are pretty self-explanatory. But it is still important to get to know them so that you can choose the right one for your purpose.

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