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Dead Trigger 2, is the sequel to the first version of the game, which is in the same way great quality and excellent features , but in favor of the players, and at the suggestion of the same, had a good list of things to improve to make it perhaps the best game of shots and zombies, of the whole story!

The world is at war, and the only way out of the apocalypse is to face it; So get ready to go to the teeth, and come to collaborate in a fight that might not end, but that will allow you to exterminate the greatest number of undead, and finally contribute to world liberation. Zombies are a plague, and you have to end it already!

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You may need to invest large amounts of effort to survive within the game, and that is simply the price to pay for living the emotion of feeling in an environment where total domination is exercised by zombies. In Dead Trigger 2 you will have to join the more than 50 million survivors with whom the game already counts, to be part of the world battle to save the world; In each tournament, you will win prizes and money to unlock other improvements like new scenarios, levels, and powerful weapons.

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This struggle is for life or death. These two elements are always very close in each battle against non-living, so you must be the most skilled survivor at the time of the shooting, as when launching a strategy or even go running.

Of course, we said that it is a great game, but as you progress through the games, your difficulty will increase, although it should not be a problem for you, since you would be at the same time, improving as a warrior in search of total extermination of The zombies.

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Some of the improvements that have been most welcome are as follows.

  • It carries out a trip by a quantity of 10 diverse regions of the whole world. Launch into the battle and collect all sorts of experiences in 33 completely different game environments.
  • At this moment there are 37 different types of weapons; Choose the one that suits you and annihilates the most zombies. 600 scenarios are what you currently have to launch into action in increasingly promising dynamics.
  • Guns in Dead Trigger 2
  • Set in a post-apolitical scenario
  • This game shall be fixed in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where humanity is on the verge of extinction, but some strong characters fight with all their might to avoid that fate.
  • It has the great advantage that everyone can see in real time as the story progresses, but it is also possible that the story may suffer some modification if the player participates in the special missions that bring Dead Trigger 2.

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We present some of the most striking features in general terms of what the game entails. It is acclaimed by many and played by millions, so the best way to confirm everything we have told you is by downloading the game, and beginning to live the experience of fighting zombies.

He uses crazy and cool weapons. You have new missions in which you can have several weapons too crazy, like the rocket chickens, but that’s not all also added new zombies that are more dangerous and you may also encounter some final boss, who simply left them without Words for the level of difficulty you have.

Make changes to the appearance of the characters. They can improve the appearance of their character or the weapons they have; these changes can be done at the end of a mission or before starting one, they should only go with the right person, for example, scientist, armor, smuggler, and The doctor.

You do not play alone; you play with the resistance. It is not the typical game in which the dynamics and advances correspond only to your person; You are going to participate in the global resistance, and the changes that are happening are influenced by the participation of each player in the fulfillment of the battles. You have your equipment. In your refuge, you have the involvement of several NPCs (non-player characters), who will offer you all kinds of goodness depending on the purpose for which they were developed. You have an armorer, a doctor, a scientist, a smuggler, and even an engineer.

The graphic quality is simply spectacular. Its graphic quality seems more suitable for a Play Station 3 or an Xbox 360 than for an Android phone; this makes Dead Trigger 2 very attractive to its followers because they may feel that they are playing with a video game console but from the Comfort of your mobile phone.
Updates and improvements always present. This sequel outstripped its previous version; this is due to all the advances that were made in its development, it is also possible to participate in real tournaments, where you can win enough trophies and even earn money to purchase extended improvements. Updates with improvements are very common.

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In addition to the features discussed in the above list, another is that the story is delightful and simply entertaining and will catch you in an almost addictive way because you want to be playing for hours at a time; You will play as one of the survivors who wish to save the world from extinction.

Other excellent features are going to be presented as you gain expertise and experiences within this great game; In spite of it, our attempt commenting on the previous ones has been to highlight the most striking, and that is considerably evident.

Little by little, we are opening sections with which we aim to offer you help, advice, and some tips to improve within this great shooting game. Let’s begin that in a couple of weeks, the new tricks section for Dead Trigger, will be enabled.

It will be a space in which passionate players will find some publications regarding tricks to perform, and high-quality tips that in the long run are very valuable, and give rise to an advanced and much greater performance than the player Common that does not know them.

Take a look at the world that is hidden in this game

We bring you a spectacular video in which you will see a little, and something more, especially what in the course of this publication, we have come to tell.

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