How to Delete Gmail Account – Step By Step Guide

Are you wondering how to permanently Delete Gmail Account? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you how to purge your Gmail account from the internet forever. If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use your Gmail account, you can select to remove your email address from your Google account. Eliminating your Gmail address can delete your emails and information saved within Gmail but remember that it will not delete your Google account, Google search history, or another data connected with your Google account, for example, facebook history or your Google+ site. Users are asking questions like How to Delete My Gmail Account Now and How to Delete Gmail Account on Mobile.

Maybe you haven’t used Gmail for many years. Perhaps you wish to take a stand against Google generally speaking. Maybe you’re not sure why you made a Google account in the first place. Whatever your explanation, Google makes it remarkably easy for one to delete your account. The guide for How to Remove/Delete Gmail Account From Computer is very easy. Gmail is one of the trusted and popular email service offered by Google, allow users to send and receive emails and documents online via mail for free. Gmail has one of the greatest security features. Till now almost all of us have created Gmail Account but if you no longer want that Gmail Address then you can delete it with all the data. Here is how to deactivate or delete Gmail Account.

A Google account gives you use of every one of Google’s companies, including Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Drive, and much more. There’s certainly a great deal of knowledge you’ll be losing if you intend to delete your Google account. You might have another account that you just don’t use anymore, or possess some other reason to do so, but when you wish to remove your Google account completely, it’s simple to get done. Let’s have a look.

How to Delete Gmail Account – Step By Step Guide

Many people want to Delete Gmail Account due to privacy issues. Nowadays, there are various safe email services around. Those companies secure user emails. They also encrypt emails between senders and devices. With better email possibilities, a lot of people are choosing to remove Gmail once and for all.

Many people also want to know how to store emails, just how to delete emails, and just how to get an archive of these whole Gmail account before making it swim with the fishes. Note that once your Gmail account is erased, you’ll no more have the ability to access many emails. We recommend backing up any records that you’d like saved.

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6 Things to consider before deleting your Gmail account

1. You will lose the use of your account.

Once you delete your Gmail account, you will no longer have the ability to send or get an email with that email address. Be sure to inform all related parties before closing down your Gmail account.

2. You may lose the use of 3rd party companies related to your Gmail account.

If your Gmail account is related to any records, you might have a bad time. Be sure you update your email address data with your reports, so you don’t experience these negative scenarios:

Negative Situation Number 1: Your Gmail account is connected with your social networking accounts, and you can’t reset your password or recover your account.

Worse Scenario No 2: Your Gmail account is linked to your bank account. Three kinds of identification and 14 hours of customer care calls later; you get having a splitting migraine. Yikes!

3. You could want to get a backup of all your emails.

Before you reach the big-red-button and remove your Gmail account, you could need to get all your information. Google features a great article showing you just how to do that in their Google Reports Help Center: HOWTO obtain your data.

Except, of course, your goal will be to destroy every trace of it. Then, by all means, flame away!

4. Removing your Gmail account won’t release your username.

Nobody (including you) will be able to utilize your Gmail username ( in the future. This ensures nobody can impersonate you at your old email account.

5. Deleting your Gmail account will not delete your Google Account.

Your Google Account will remain associated with things like your Search History and facebook account.

6. It’s possible to recover your deleted Gmail account—but work fast!

Need to access your deleted emails? You have a window of the few weeks to try to recover a deleted Gmail account. Find out how to recoup a recently deleted Gmail account.

How to delete your Gmail account

  • Sign in to your Google Account by going to and clicking Sign in.

  • Enter your Gmail credentials and click Sign in.
  • On the My Account page, under Account Preferences, click Delete your account or services.

  • Click Delete products.

  • Re-enter your password, then click Sign in.
  • Next to your Gmail account, click the trash can.
  • Enter a new primary email address and your current password and click REMOVE GMAIL.

  • You will see this message with instructions telling you to open your email. Click OK, got it.
  • Open the Gmail Removal Confirmation email in your email. Click the confirmation link.

  • You will be asked to confirm that you want to remove your Gmail account by entering your password. Enter your password and click Confirm.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully deleted Gmail from your Google account.

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