How to Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently

You must be aware of LinkedIn which is a business and employment- oriented social networking service that operates through websites and mobile apps. It was founded on 28th December 2002 and was launched on 5th May 2003. The site is mainly used for professional networking. The networking involves employers posting jobs and people looking for jobs who share their CVs. It has proven its worth since then and performed magic in the field of business. Every person who wants to excel opens a LinkedIn profile first and then takes other steps. So, you can imagine how useful it. But for whatever reason, you want to delete it, we have prepared some tips for you too. Here in this article, we are going to share step by step guide on how to Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently in 2018.

Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently

We know that you are looking for ways to delete your account permanently. You have reached the right place. We have incorporated ways to get the account deleted. These are some of the queries that people ask which is why we have answered them for you.

Delete LinkedIn Account Permanently

If you have closed your LinkedIn account, then you can reopen it within the five months of closing it. LinkedIn will not be able to restore recommendations or groups for accounts that have been closed, but then the user will be able to retain the username. If the time period has exceeded five months then the person will be required to open a new account. If want to delete the account then you can follow the instructions given below.

Closing your account will signify that all the information from the profile will be removed from the site. If you have a premium account then you will be required to cancel the premium access.

The solution involves closing the LinkedIn account from the Settings & Privacy page:

  • Click on the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

  • You will be required to select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

  • If you go to the subscription section then click Change next to Closing your LinkedIn account.

  • Check the reason for closing the account and once you have done that then click on Next.
  • Enter your password of the account password and then choose close account.

If you follow this step then you will be able to delete your account permanently. LinkedIn takes security and privacy concerns very seriously so there is nothing to worry about. All the general information gets wiped out once you go for the deletion choice.

Now we come to other questions like what to do if you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it. In order to do that, you can follow the given instructions.

  • You can reset the password on the Sign in page itself.
  • Will you be required to click the? question mark that is beside the Password field or the Forgot password? Link.
  • Enter an email address you have on your account. And after that, the process is very simple and just like any others.

How to Hide Your Linkedin Profile

After you have changed or disabled your public profile then it will take several weeks for it to be added to or removed from the results obtained from a search engine. If you edit the settings of the profile photo from the profile page, then the public profile will be updated with the new setting. For instance, if you a user changes the profile photo visibility from Public to Connections Only. This change will be applied to the public profile as well and the photo will no longer appear as a part of the public profile. The default photo is public.

We hope that this article seemed helpful to you. If you have any doubts or queries then you can share them with us in the comment section down below. Your thoughts are our priority.

Thank you for reading. We have more such tricks of the trade.

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