Fix Driver Power State Failure in Windows

Did you know that Driver Power State Failure is an error which is displayed in the Blue Screen of Death, also known as (BSOD)? The error that we are talking about is mostly displayed or crops up due to an incompatible or inappropriate driver for any hardware device which a computer system may have. But, how do we solve Driver Power State Failure Blue Screen?

Driver Power State Failure

Most of the times, a simple restart is all that is required to resolve the issue but if you see the problem persisting, then your computer should be restarted in safe mode, and any or all the problematic devices must be installed. You can follow the steps as mentioned down below to fix driver power state failure in Windows 10. I have curated of ways your problem of driver power state failure windows 8 can be solved. Don’t worry, just relax and read on.

How to Fix Driver Power State Failure Error in Windows

Did you also know that Windows 8 does not allow its users to press F8 or even Shift+F8 during a system startup to enter the advanced boot menu by default? Administrators should enable legacy advanced boot menu manually before going to safe mode. As soon as Windows 8 computer is in safe mode then the drive which is causing the problem can be uninstalled thus resolving the issue.
But, getting back to the agenda that will fix drive power state failure in Windows 10, here are some ways that you can try.
The first solution in the list of driver power state failure windows 8 is:

Method 1: Change Power Settings of your Windows

Turning off power saving in order to driver power state failure blue screen. As mentioned above sometimes this problem is caused by power setting issues. So, if you change the power setting, then you would if it is the cause of the trouble. What you have to do is, press the Win+R that is, Windows logo key and R key together to invoke the Run Box. Then, type Control panel and click on OK to open the Control Panel Window. Go for View by Small icons and select the Power Options. You should ensure Balanced (recommended) is selected if you are looking for ways to fix driver power state failure windows 8. Then click on Change plan settings which is next to it. You will now be required to click on Change Advanced Power Settings and Expand Wireless Adapter Settings and Power Saving Mode, followed by changing the setting to maximum performance. Now expand PCI Express and Link State Power Management. You should then change the setting to Maximum power savings. Click on Apply and OK and reboot your computer system to see if the driver power state failure Nvidia is fixed or not. If it still not fixed then don’t worry. You can try the next solution that is mentioned here.

Method 2: Uninstall the Graphics Driver

The following solution to fix driver power state failure in Windows 10 involves you to uninstall problem drivers. Sometimes faulty or corrupted drivers might be the reason causing the issue so if you check your driver status in Device Manager, then it might clarify things for you. If you go to your Device Manager and see a yellow mark next to a device, then you should uninstall that device. This yellow mark indicates that the device driver is missing or even corrupted. But if you don’t see the yellow line, then you can go to Solution 3 that are listed down below. But first, let me tell you how to uninstall the driver in order to fix driver power state failure windows 10 asus rog. Press Windows logo and R key to get Run box. Type devmgmt.msc and then OK. Go ahead and Expand the category and find the device with a yellow mark. The process is very easy; you just have to the right click on the device and then on uninstall. You will have to repeat the steps that I just explained for all the yellow marks. Finally, reboot your PC and check to see if you have fixed the issue of driver power state failure blue screen.

Uninstalling Intel Graphics Drivers

Method 3: Update the Drivers

The third solution that I have for you to fix driver power state failure in Windows 10 involves updating the drivers. This could be done manually as well, but if you lack time, then you have Driver Easy as your friend. Driver Easy will recognize all your system and locate the correct drives for you. You can update your drives by either using the FREE or the Pro-version of Driver Easy. In order to do so, the steps are as follows: First, download and install the Driver Easy.

You will have to run driver easy and click on Scan Now. This will prompt the Driver easy to scan your computers and detect any problem drivers. Go ahead and click on the Update button which is next to all the flagged devices that will automatically download and install the correct version of their drivers. You could also click on Update All to download and install the correct versions of all the drivers that might be missing or might be out of date present on your system.

Update Graphics Drivers

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You should also know that driver power state failure windows 10 Nvidia is commonly related to your Nvidia graphics. So, dear reader, if you are using Nvidia graphics card then try out solutions around that, like for example, changing Power setting in the Nvidia Control Panel. The problem can be fixed by following the steps mentioned below. You will be required to open the Nvidia Control Panel when you see the left pane; then you should select Manage 3D settings. In the right pane, you should choose your dedicated graphics card which is as the Preferred graphics processor. You should be able to locate Power Management Mode which is present in the list of settings and then select Prefer maximum performance. Please remember to save the changes and check to see if this solves your problem.

So, this was it to fix driver power state failure in Windows 10. If you face

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