Facebook tries coloured comments to up its game

In our latest news, we have a bit of good news for you today. It is related to Facebook. Of course one could say that lately, most of the good news has been related to Facebook but that is how things are. Mark is trying everything to up his game and is exceeding at it as well. This time, they have come up with yet another innovative idea to bring in change. So if you are eager to know more about it, please read the article which we have written for you. It will not disappoint you.

Facebook is all about colours now, they have coloured background and now they even have a gradient-style coloured comment. But don’t get so excited, Facebook is just in the process of conducting a test right this instant. Facebook is all about bringing rainbows to our lives. Right now, only a few users will be able to use it, and see the test. And to add one more thing, this test only works on mobile phones. The Colourful status updates first came into being last December. This feature was later adopted by Whatsapp as well. Facebook has worked to get the coloured backgrounds there as well.



This could mean that the blue dominated platform will have more than just a splash of colours in the feed. So it will not only be efficient but beautiful as well. It can be used as holiday themed as well. You can match your comments with emotions that you are feeling, for example, if you are feeling angry, you can make use of yellow colour, or if you want to show love, you can do that by using the red colour.

Let us see when the results carry and if the makers allow this feature to be rolled out to the public. We, personally love it and hope that it becomes available for every one of us. It will be a major game changer for Facebook. They are really bringing creative modifications to the platform. So it is up to us, whether we want to use it for the good or for the bad. I hope the former one comes true.

What do you think about it? What are your opinions? Do you think it will be good or do you think it will be bad? Please let us know; we are gushing with so many questions that are needed to be answered.

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