Google Chrome is the best browser amongst browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is the default browser of many people, but no matter how high is its popularity, Google Chrome is not completely secure. While we are browsing different websites through Google Chrome, we usually face the err_spdy_protocol_error. Usually, this Webpage is not available err_spdy_protocol_error as the error code is displayed. It is a very common mistake of Google Chrome faced by the users all over the world. The error code err_spdy_protocol_error might seem tricky, but it can be solved quickly.



You might have noticed that when you are surfing your favorite websites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia or Tumblr, instead of the web page, you get an error like err spdy protocol error. Depending on the site you are on you might get errors like err_spdy_protocol_error Facebook or chrome. The SPDY was Chrome’s protocol which was designed for the security of the web pages and also to enhance the loading speed of the websites. But now the chrome err_spdy_protocol_error happens because Google has stopped its support to the SPDY protocol.


The Chrome SPDY protocol error associates mainly with the HTTP enabled websites. There are a few reasons which lead to such error. Some of them are:

  • Outdated Google Chrome Browser.
  • Antivirus Blocking
  • Firewall Blocking

The err_spdy_protocol_error is not affected by the use of VPN Virtual Private Network). It can appear on your screen and lower your working speed and efficiency if you use VPN or not.


The err spdy protocol error is due to the network issues and thus resolves easily. The fix the err_spdy_protocol_error chrome permanently, try this simple step first. Now to fix such error before you go deep into the different methods, try this simple method of clearing the cache. It is a proven method that works mostly and resolves the problem, thus preventing the creation of a messy situation. But if this doesn’t help, then you must try any of the given methods to fix the chrome err spdy protocol error.

Solution I- Flush Socket Method  

The first method that you can opt is flushing socket in Google Chrome.

Step 1: Open the browser and enter this URL in the address box.
chrome://net-internals/#socketsand press Enter. You will observe a screen like below.

Step 2: Now click on the Arrow present at the top right corner of the screen. From the drop down list click on “Flush Sockets.”

Step 3: Now return to the web page you were trying to load. If it’s working correctly, then the err_spdy_protocol_error is fixed.

Step 4: If not, then enter the given URL in the address box.


Step 5: Tap on “Flush Socket Pools” and again revisit the website to check if it is working properly.


Solution II- Flush DNS Cache from System

To solve the – this web page is not available err_spdy_protocol_error you can try this method of flushing the DNS cache from your computers and laptops.

Step 1: If you are working on a Windows PC, then open the Command Prompt, but in the case of Linux OS, open Terminal.

Step 2: Now type the following command in the Command Prompt window or Terminal.

Step 3: Enter the given commands and press Enter after every command.

Step 4: For Windows Users-

  • Ipconfig/ flush DNS
  • Ipconfig/ renew

For Linux Users-

  • nscd -I hosts

For Mac Users-

  • dscacheuti –flushcache; sudo killal –HUPmDNSResponder

Step 5: These commands will help you to flush the DNS cache. Now try visiting the website showing the err_spdy_protocol_error chrome error code.

By renewing IP, you can get the err_spdy_protocol_error fix, and in turn, you will have to complete Internet Configuration.

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Solution III- Clear Cookies and Cache from the System

Sometimes the error is due to security issues, and thus you can try this method of clearing all cache and cookies from the system. It is the easiest way which helps you to fix the err_spdy_protocol_error permanently. Follow the given steps-

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your browser and click on the History tab.

Step 2: Now click on the Clear browsing Data option.

Step 3: A pop-up box will be displayed. Check the checkboxes against the two options- “Cached Images and Files,” “Cookies and Other site and plug-in data.”

Step 4: Make sure that the other checkboxes are not selected.

Step 5: Set “Obliterate the following items” option to “the beginning of time.”

Step 6: Now click on Clear browsing data option.

Solution IV- Update your Google Chrome Browser

One of the reasons for this web page is not available, or err_spdy_protocol_error is that you might be using the outdated version of Google Chrome. As we mentioned earlier that Google now doesn’t support the SPDY protocol and so this error might come due to the existence of the SPDY protocol in the Google Chrome version that you are using. So it is advised that if you want to get proper results then download the updated version of your all-time favorite browser. You can get this latest version from the given link as well.

Solution V- Use the Incognito Mode of Chrome

One more easy solution that you can try is opening the website in incognito mode. The process is not only simple but complete within few seconds. For those who doesn’t know how to use the incognito mode of Google Chrome, follow the given route.

Google Chrome> Menu> New Incognito Window.

You can also open any website in the incognito mode using this shortcut key.
Ctrl+ Shift+ N

Solution VI- Check Firewall and Antivirus Setting

Blocking by firewall and Antivirus installed on your computer might also be causing the err_spdy_protocol_error. Thus it is advised that you first check whether the firewall is causing a block or not. Also, the users who have Avast Security Software face this issue with certain websites. And you can resolve the issue after adding the sites blocked by the err_spdy_protocol_error to the Web Shield exclusion of the antivirus software.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings option in the Avast Security software of your system.

Step 2: In the active protection tab, click on Customize Web Shield Protection.

Step 3: Now add the required websites to this section separately.

If you have Avast or any other antivirus security software, then you can try this method. But while adding the sites make sure that the URL’s are correct. Otherwise, the problem does not resolve. You can also try fixing the error by disabling the HTTPS Scanning after opening Avast Web Shield. Click on Main Setting and click on the check box beside Enable HTTPS Scanning.

Solution VII- Chrome Cleanup Tool

With the Chrome Cleanup tool, one can clean the issue that causes this problem and thus solve it. Download the Chrome cleanup utility from the given link and then run it. Now check the blocked websites.

All these methods are proven and will help you out of the err_spdy_protocol_error chrome error. Also if any of the above methods don’t help, then you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the web browser. The err_spdy_protocol_error is not very complicated to get resolved with these methods. Also not any of the methods mentioned above will take a lot of time. So be patient as by just refreshing the web page also you can overcome the issue for some time. So, guys, we hope that these solutions were of help to you. And if you are still stuck with it, feel free to come to us with your doubt or query.

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