Google to cooperate with Russia probe after Twitter slammed

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In today’s segment, our research team found out that Google is digging into its vaults for evidence that will prove Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. This became a speculation after Virginia Senator Mark Warner slammed the social media platform Twitter for a response to a congressional probe that he dubbed as being inadequate.



The search giant came forward and gave a statement on Friday evening that it is cooperating with all the inquiries and is aiding the process in looking for ways to fish for any relevant information. Google, Facebook, and Twitter which are the major platforms have all been invited to appear at the public hearings which will take in October by the House intelligence committee and on 1st of November by the Senate intelligence committee.

Twitter informed the congressional investigators in a closed-door meeting that it had suspended around two dozen accounts which may have been tied to Russia. This information was shared by the company on this Friday. Warner told the reporters that the response was inadequate and mostly relies on the intel extracted from another social media giant, Facebook.

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