HBO has apparently offered a payment of $250,000 ‘bug bounty payment’

All of us are well aware that Game of Thrones is back on. After the sojourn of one year, it has reimbursed the audience with the eventful ride. Unlike like any other season which has 10 episodes, season 7 only offers 7 episodes, and now only 3 are left to come out. As if this was not sad already, that we are bombarded with the news that the entire season has been leaked and the hacker is black mailing the producers for money or else, the entire series will be published online.


So tackle the situation, HBO has tried to pay off the hackers who has somehow gotten his hands on the script, shows and even the details of the actors.  The hacking was done last month.  Variety and The Hollywood states of receiving an email from the hackers which contain a transcript of a message sent by none other than HBO, stepping down and offering payment.

The message as told to us by the HBO executive says “As a show of good faith on our side, we are willing to commit to making a bug bounty payment of $250,000 to you as soon as we can establish the necessary account and acquire Bitcoin.” After this the team has declined to spare a comment, but soon it will be confirmed whether the email is real or a doctored one.

Variety comments that the email carrying the message “IT’S JUST ABOUT MONEY” seems to be a tactic to stall people. This is being speculated because the email was sent in July even before HBO had completely assessed the reach of the hacker. Suggesting that, it lies unclear whether HBO would have gone through with succumbing to the hackers’ conditions.

What is interesting to see as to why such a prominent corporation is indulging with the hacker in the first place when companies have defiantly declined to come to any terms with the hackers, let alone negotiate. This step is taken so that no idea is floated across of the company paying the hackers off.

Since the payment was never made, to begin with, the hacker is made to look stupid or look for more matter. Recently The Hollywood Reporter received an email from the hackers stating “it’s just about money. We have weeks of negotiations with HBO officials, but they broke their promises and want to play with us.” When they didn’t conform to the pressure, they published the phone numbers, home address and other intel of the cast of Game of Thrones.

The Game of catch and release is still brewing, let us know what happens.

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