Honor is coming up with a new phone, Honor 9

Guess what, Honor is set to release a new phone pretty soon. We are as thrilled as you are. What would it be like, will there be any new additions, any innovative modification, or will it be a redefined version of a previous design? We are gushing with so many questions to be answered. And if you are wondering about the same questions, then go ahead, read the article.

As you know that Honor is set out to launch its new Honor 9 phone. The striking thing is that; it will be in “robin egg blue” in colour. The shade is blatantly out of the blue (ha ha, a little joke doesn’t hurt). Everybody wants their phones to stand out, especially in times of the flagship design and colour of the phone. Either it is black, or it is flat, and sometimes it is both. So, with its new hue, people will have something more to choose from. Some might even dub it as too bright or too flashy, but when has a change been accepted without a hint of resistance. All the fuss is pretty normal, I reckon.




The limited edition of the new phone by Honor went on a sale in China in the month of August, specifically the 16th. The phones will be made available in the UK, somewhere around in the middle of September. The price range has been decided as well. The company has decided to put it for £459.99.

The phone is made with a 5.15-inch Full HD display which is inclusive of a Kirin 960 processor instead of a Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm. Of course, the phone has a dual facing camera. It seems as a budgeted phone and quite a change from the arrays of same looking phones which has now governed the market. We don’t have much information which covers most of the questions that were mentioned earlier in the article, but we are sure with time intel will be leaked or shared. As soon as that happens, we will do a story on that and provide you with a more detailed article about the Honor 9 phone than this. Till then, stay tuned in. We have many more exciting news coming up as well. don’t forget to go through them as well.

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