How Much Data Does Spotify Use

Here I’m likely to give you the top reasons for your question: How Much Data Does Spotify Use and Apple Music use. If you want to know that Spotify app kills mobile data, Apple Audio use data, then this article is wholly for you. On this page I’ll tell you that both apps are using data or not, should they waste data, then just how much? Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services that allows users to listen to music online with different quality.

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How Much Data Does Spotify Use

You know about Spotify app, which allows users to listen to online music. Yes, it’s a music streaming app. If you would like a remedy for does Spotify use knowledge? Then your answer is Huge yes. Because online streaming is presented to you through the internet, So the number of your data either portable or wifi is going to be used by the Spotify app. Nevertheless, the issue is just how much data does it use? Therefore I can say this will depend upon many aspects of music quality, just how much music you are listening, etc. There are lots of my friends asked me that just how much information does Spotify use per song. If you question same then the answer is “It is dependent upon song which you have listened to Spotify app.”

  • 96kbps – Normal streaming quality for mobile.
  • 160kbps – Normal streaming quality for Desktop and high quality for mobile.
  • 320kbps –High quality for desktop and extreme quality for mobile.

How Much Data Does Spotify Use

Playing Spotify on the go is the better, you have use of countless trails and endless amounts of playlists. However, if you’re not connected to your local wifi spot, the data used to stream Spotify music on you portable app could mount up very quickly. Here we will go thru the numbers so you can obtain an exact idea of just how much knowledge is eaten on a normal mobile Spotify hearing.

To reduce the amount of cellular data application, consider installing the press for your system via Wireless to help you supply directly out of your unit in place of using your mobile data. Depending on my a month application and about 1/2 time daily on weekdays about 300 MB. I think it is simple to crack It down by a number of songs. Keep an Avg 3 MB quality. Songs an hour about 10 consequently 30 MB per hour is safe.

There are around 8000 kilobits (kbps) in 1 Megabyte (Mb). So figuring out the information intake for that unique streaming attributes is pretty easy. E.g. 60 seconds x 320Kbps = 19,200kbps each minute divided by 8,000kbps = 2.4 Megabytes per second of high-quality streaming. Below we’ve calculated the different data streaming usage for each quality.

Focusing on How Much Data Does Spotify Use for each streaming quality is excellent as it lets you moderate your data and eat it properly. There is still a big discussion on if you’re able to hear the difference between the characteristics. Regardless if you can or not, there is a big difference in information between streaming normal quality and premium quality for mobile. If you were to hear Spotify in high quality for 8 hours, it would dissipate 1.1 GB of data! If you are on the 3GB plan that a third of your data already gone. In the place of streaming in normal quality which might use 345MB of information for 8 hours.

Some popular services and how much data they use?

Beats Music

  • Standard quality: 64kbps
  • High quality: 320kbps


  • Normal quality: 96 kbps
  • High quality: 160kbps
  • Extreme quality: 320kbps

Google Play Music

  • Three quality settings, with a maximum of 320kbps.


  • Maximum rate is 64kbps (adjusts automatically depending on your connection).

How to Save Data on Spotify

Download instead of streaming. Yes, if you love any song and you listen to it over and over again then it is a good idea to Download the song. And if you have an Apple Music subscription, you have the option to download any song, album, or playlist.

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