How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily

There are so many antivirus software’s that are available in the market. But only few of them are useful and really worth. Avast Antivirus is also a one of the best antivirus software which helps to prevent torjan viruses. Avast is one of the best free security products on the internet you can install. It is familiar to many people in the antivirus software arena. It was one of the first companies to offer free antivirus software back in 2001 and till date more 60% of users are using Avast Antivirus to protect their system. We all like to install new softwares, programs and games, some of them are legit programs and some of them are cracked programs for example Internet download manager, well when we want to install such programs in our system, we will need to first disable our Antivirus. The reason why we have to disable antivirus for that period time is because our Avast or any antivirus will not let you install that software in your device, it will directly block. We have seen many users reporting that they are note able to disable avast antivirus when they want to install any third party software. In this tutorial we are going to guide you on how to disable avast or any other antivirus with one click.

How to Disable Avast Antivirus Temporary

Antivirus program or your operating system Windows Defender can be the main reason why you are not able to install any third party program. You can either disable avast for a short period of time or you can disble it permanently. There is no use of

Note: In this tutorial we are just going to show you how to temporarily disable avast, if you are using any other antivirus like Quick Heal, or Bitdefender, the procedure will be same for all the antivirus programs.

  1. In very first step of this tutorial you have to move you cursor to Windows Task Manager to open the notification area, there you will find Avast Antivirus icon. Right click on that icon and it will show you list of options.
  2. Now there you have to click Avast shields control and there you have to select the time period. You will see there various of options like Disable avast for 10 minutes, 1 hour, Until your restart it and Permanently. If you want to install a small software then you can select disable it for 1 hour or if you want to disable it permanently, I would better suggest you to directly uninstall it.
  3. how to disable avast
  4. When you will click on option based on your requirements, it will open a Avast window and it will ask your to confirm the operation, so there you have to click on Yes button to confirm your operation and this is how to turn off avast antivirus to turn off avast
  5. Finally we have achieved our goal. We have turn off avast antivirus. The procedure for all other antivirus is same as Avast. Lets say you are using Quick Heal Antivirus and you want to disable it then you need to go to task manager,  right click on Quick Heal icon and select Disable Virus Protection as shown in this image.

how to temporarily disable avast

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So this is how to disable avast in Windows operating system, now you can easily install any program or software or game without any blockage. if you are facing any problem while following the steps above then you can ask your queries in comments and we will help you.

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