How to Download Facebook Data – A Complete Guide

Recently we heard some things about Facebook and how they track each and everything from Facebook and Messenger App. When you use Facebook Login on website and signup using Facebook, then the developer has your some general data including your Name and Email ID. Now the problem is, due to facebook Bug, they got access to your every data, and when I downloaded my Facebook Data, I was shocked. They have tracked my all calls, messages, pics and more. According to one news portal, it is expected that they also can record our voice using a microphone. So if you want to check and Download Facebook Data then here is a simple step.

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You can easily Choose any other sorts of data you need to download.  Click the Select None” button at the summit of the Account Settings page, if you don’t wish to Download Facebook Data. Based on the size of your hard disk in addition to how many personal data has to be erased, the recovery procedure could take up to 45 minutes. By merely following the actions mentioned previously can retrieve the lost data.

How to Download Facebook Data

Follow these steps to download Facebook Data.

First all log in to your Facebook Account with your username and password.

Now go to options and click on Settings.

This will open a new Windows and there you will see a Download a Copy of Facebook Data. Click on the link.

Click on Start my Archive and Enter your Password.

Then Soon you will receive a Mail in your email and from there you will download all your Facebook Data.

It is very simple to download all your Facebook Data and from there you will check all your details that Facebook has.

Facebook announced, it will expand the data it allows you to download to include likes, search history, and location but you will be shocked after checking your data. You will see that they can record your phone calls. Cambridge Analytica data leaks raised privacy questions for big companies like Facebook and Google.

When you are prepared to retrieve the files, you’ll be able to log into the server and download the data. Check your Trash folder to make sure the files you’re searching for are not there. Click Start Search” to commence searching for your deleted files that may nevertheless be recovered. There are a couple of approaches to correct RAR files when a redownload is impossible. You won’t know whether a RAR file is complete and error-free until you make an effort to extract it, the moment the file is checked.

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