How to Make Desktop Icons Smaller in Windows 10 [Fixed]

So you upgraded your Windows to latest version Windows 10 and soon after installing you realized that everything on your screen is big. The screen size got bigger, the icon on your Desktop are quite larger than usual. Big screen of Windows and icons are basically for those people who have issues with their eyes, for example the elder people aged above 50, with age their eyesight also gets weak. But for a normal people who uses their system daily for work purpose, they alway create shortcuts on their desktop to access their file as fast as possible and if the windows 10 icon size is big then they won’t be able to store many files on Desktop. To overcome this problem we have written a great solution for you. People reported about this problem on Windows forum but there was no accurate solution provide so we thought of creating this post and guide people who are facing such issues. In this tutorial of Tricks Maze we will explain you how to make desktop icons smaller using Windows Control panel and Settings. 

How to Make Desktop Icons Smaller in Windows 10

There can be many reasons why your Windows 10 icon sizes are bit strange, it can be because of Graphics Driver or maybe your Windows 10 is not up to date or maybe any third party program is causing this issue. We have written few methods, you don’t have to follow all the methods but if it doesn’t work then you may follow it based on your requirements.

Solution 1: How to Change Desktop Icon Size from Windows 10 Display Settings

Here we are going to open Display Settings of our windows and manually we will set the Screen resolution and icons for our Desktop. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your Desktop and Right click on any empty space, it will show your list options there. Select Display Settings.change icon size windows 10
  2. When you will select those settings, it will open a small window on your screen which will be showing Settings of Screen.
  3. You will find Resolution Menu and under that there will be a drop down option where you can change the settings of your Display manually.
  4. Select the recommended 10 icon size
  5. Now click on Keep Changes option.display settings windows 10
  6. Now check windows 10 desktop icon size issues has been solved or not. 

Solution 2: Install or Update your Graphics Drivers

Still facing same problem? I know this bigger and zoomed resolution problem is really annoying. In this method we are going to update our Graphics drivers. Maybe there is a problem with our Graphics drivers. It generally happens when we install a fresh Windows 10 on our Computer and on startup such things arises. It is a sign that the drivers are either not installed or are not updated from long time. Lets see how can we change icon size windows 10 problem.

  1. If you are using AMD Graphics Card or Nvidia Graphics card then you can quickly download the drivers from their official website. But if it is an onboard graphics like Intel then you don’t have to go there and download the drivers manually. You can do it Windows Manager.
  2. Right click on ThisPC and select Manage option.
  3. Go to Device Manager and there you will find the list of hardware devices connected to your system.
  4. Locate Display Adapters and under that you will find Intel HD Graphics Family Drivers.
  5. Right click on it and select Update Driver Software.change windows 10 icon size
  6. Click on Search Automatically Drivers and it will start scanning for updated driver and it will automatically download and install it.How to change windows 10 icon size
  7. Once the above process completes, restart your System so that changes gets saved.

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Thats it, This was all about how to make desktop icons smaller in Windows 10 operating system, we have personally tested both the methods mentioned above and if you face any problem in between then please contact us via comment section and we will help you

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