How to Print to PDF on Windows Easily

PDF files haves become one of the best way to store any information. Before we used to create a document and share it with our partners and clients but creating documents also increases the size so now we convert those documents into PDF files to compress size of the files. Sharing PDF files to end users has became one of the most common way. You must be thinking that what exactly PDF does, right? Let me explain you, when you create a document or power point presentation or spreed sheet from scratch and you want your partner/client to view it as same as you have designed, PDF files are used there. If you share the same word file or ppt file with your partner, there are chances that he/she won’t be able to view it as same you have designed because it depends on the third party software he is using to view. So how can you save and store your file in PDF format and print it? In this guide we will show you How you can easily Print PDF files on Windows operating system.

How to Print to PDF on Windows Easily

So we have written two solutions for you, If you are using Windows 10 operating system then it will be quite easy for you to print PDFs files, but if you are not using Windows 10 then you have to install a third party software which can save as well as print those PDF File. Lets see how it works

Solution 1: Use bulit-in Microsoft Print to PDF feature in Windows 10

Print to PDF on Windows 10 is really simple, this in-built tool is really awesome and has great features like scanning of any hard copy document. You can also save your Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, JPEG, etc files in a PDF format using this Microsoft tool.

Double click on any file which you want to print and open it.

On the top-right side you will find three dotted icon, click on it and it will open a sub menu. Select Print from those options.

How to Print to PDF on Windows

In Printer Setting page, you have to keep the default option and that is Microsoft Print to PDF one as shown in this image below.Microsoft Print to PDF

Now  it will ask you where you want to save the PDF file, you just have to assign the path and it will saved.

Save as PDF

After saving the file, you will find that file on the path you have assigned.

Solution 2: Use Third Party Software

If you are using old version of Windows or  you are not satisfied with Microsoft inbuilt tool in Windows 10 then you can download the third party software. There are many freeware softwares available on the Internet like CutePDFWriter,  Adobe Acrobat Reader, and many more. We have personally tested these two third party softwares in out system they work as smooth as Microsoft tool. These both programs are light weight and you can easily able to run on any low configuration device.

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That’s it, this was all about How to Print to PDF on Windows operating system. We would always prefer you to use those third party software because the Microsoft tool has many bugs. The PDF file it create is not accurate. If you find any problem while installing those programs then please let us know in comment and we will try to help you problem.

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