How to Record Screen on Laptop

Do you want to record your laptop screen? There are several softwares and programs for Windows which can help you record your screen. If you want to start a channel on Youtube in which you are going to show some Windows based error fixes or photo editing related tutorials then we have a good list of Screen recorders for you. Don’t worry, we are just going to show you one of the best screen recorder which you can use it in your Windows operating system anytime. These screen recorders not only records your screen but at the end of record you can do some editing stuff like trimming or cutting your video, adding some filters, any more things. You can even share your screen on the Internet live, some people generally do live webinar on Youtube, dailymotion and other few websites using these screen recorder. You want to learn How to record screen on laptop then this tutorial is perfect for you. We will teach you how to install and record your laptop screen step by step everything from basics.

How to Record Screen on Laptop

As we said above, we are going to mention few software which will let you record your screen. When we want to record our screen to make any tutorial we usually do recording using these software. So lets start without wasting up more time.

Recorder 1: Use Windows 10 Game Bar Built-in Tool to Record your Screen.

Well if you are using Windows 10 operating system then you will find Game bard software which is an inbuilt in your Windows 10 OS and that can be used to record your Windows 10 screen, this record is much better than any third party recorders.

  1. In very first step, go to your Desktop and press Windows + G button and select Yes, this is game option.
  2. If you want to use microphone while recording then you have to click on Microphone icon in order to turn it on while recording.
  3. Now simply click on  record button and your screen recording will start.How to Record Screen on Laptop Using Game Bar
  4. When you are done with the recording, you can click on stop button.
  5. Now Press Windows + E button and enter this path to find your recordings.

Recording Folder

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Recorder 2: User Snagit Recorder to Record your Screen

Snagit is an third party screen recorder tool which will let you record your laptop screen in a single hit. If you don’t want to use the built-in recorder then Snagit is one of the best laptop screen recorder you will find on the Internet. Let see how it works.

  1. First you have to download Snagit from its official website and install it.
  2. Launch it from your Desktop.
  3. Go to Video section and click on CaptureSnagit Recorder.
  4. Click on Red recording button if you want to start recording your screen.Record Laptop Screen using Snagit
  5. If you want to pause your recording for a while then you have to select blue pause button.
  6. To stop the recording, you can will find Stop button with red background. Click on it and your recording will be stopped and saved automatically.Stop laptop Screen recording
  7. You can also edit your video using Snagit Editor as I mentioned above in introduction part of this tutorial.Snagit Editor


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