How To Remove Google Security Warning Virus

“Google Security Warning!” Ever came across this dreadful notification while accessing your personal accounts or just surfing the web?

If you did, it’s time you know the truth behind these sudden warning signals. Google security warning is nothing but a fake security warning. Yes! Google security warning is a fake security alert that is triggered by a computer malware. The Google security warning is initiated by a virus that has made your computer its prey. The security warning generally comes with a misleading message that warns the user first. It later tends to lead the user to a bigger trap. The security warning generally directs the user to install antivirus software to protect their computer, which once you install, gives the malware an opportunity to take full control of the computer.

So, the moment you notice a suspicious notification which claims that your computer is attacked or locked, know that it is a deceptive trick to lure you into sharing your personal information. The sharing of your information can later lead you to a loss of money, personal information and also land you into a trap where your computer is no longer your idiot box!

What is Google Security Warning?

Google Security Warnings

Google security warning or a signal is a scam. It is an alert scam that triggers the user of the computer to install garbage or certain antivirus programs. These antivirus programs further entice the user into sharing their personal details. These personal details once shared are used as a deceptive trick to loot their accounts as well as personal hidden information to benefit.

How to identify a fake Google security signal?

Google security warning, once triggered shows up on the user computer screen as a simple notification. The notification states, “Firewall detecting ‘suspicious’ incoming network connections, we recommend that you click on “Back to Safety.” This happens once the user’s computer is infected with an adware type program. As soon as the program runs, it alters the system settings and starts redirecting to websites with the same pop-up message.

Firewall detecting ‘suspicious’ incoming network connections, we recommend that you click on “Back to Safety.”

or it might look like this,

Your computer has been Locked Your computer with the IP address might infected by the Trojans– Because System Activation KEY has expired. Your information (for example, passwords, messages, and credit cards) have been stolen. Call the Help Desk number 0800-090-3829 to protect your files and identity from further damage. ‘Google Security Warning Lock Screen. To immediate rectify issue and prevent data lose Please call Toll free :0800-090-3829

Now, what scammers do is, they scare people and attract them to purchase bogus and expensive security software. These softwares claim to protect your computer, but they are actually designed to steal all your personal information. This personal information may include, your passwords, credit or debit card information, etc. Besides this, they might even convince you to install some remote access tools in order to fix your problem. But while you try accessing your computer remotely, scammers might clean your drives off all your sensitive information, install malware and steal your information.

How to remove Google security warnings?

While most online websites or even Windows, as a matter of fact, may ask you to call the Windows Help Desk or helpline in case of a google security warning, there might be better ways to handle it.

In case your web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any that you are using) is constantly being redirected to a number of websites showing the same pop-up messages, asking you to call a support number, it might be time you get to fix the bogus warning.

This guide to removing the fake google security warning will give you a precise and detailed way to remove malwares for free from your computer. Please follow the instructions methodically and as described.


The first and foremost step once you start receiving notifications is to look for a efficient and trusted anti-malware software that may help you eradicate the malware. While it is difficult to search for the perfect anti-malware software with misleading ones in sight too, do not go for “AVG Antivirus” or “PC Security 2011” which are the two famous names renowned for their ability to disguise. Search for the best application and install only from trusted website.


Once you determine which anti-malware softwares are the best, install two from your choices. Install your choices in a way that they don’t cause file conflicts i.e. find two anti-malware softwares that can coexist without causing any file conflicts or duplication.


Once you install your anti-malware programs, update each of them. If one of your softwares doesn’t have an automatic update option, click on the update option by entering your software dashboard and do it manually.


Once you are done installing and updating your anti-malware programs, it s time for you to restart your computer. Restarting your computer will enable the anti-malware program to scan your computer properly. In order to do that access the Advanced Boot Options screen by pressing “F8” from your keyboard. Later select the “SAFE MODE” and let the anti-malware program run its scan.


After the scan is over and you leave your computer to reboot, choose any one of your anti-malware programs and run a full system scan. The full system scan is done to catch any threats left even after the previous scan. Now, either manually remove them by using the removal option given in the program interface or let the anti-malware program remove them automatically.


Once you have checked the entire computer system of any malwares using your previous anti-malware, go ahead and run your second anti-malware. Run the secondary anti- malware program to ensure that your computer is safe of all the malwares. This process will help you identify if your computer is working seamlessly and has been cleaned thoroughly.

After following the aforementioned instructions, your computer will now be free of the Google Security Warnings adware. However, we may insist you to keep both the anti- malware programs running in your computer so it’s safe. Also scan your computer periodically to ensure that there are no malwares present.

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