How to Reset iPhone

How is your day going on? It is so chilly here today. I almost feel like sleeping all day today, but then I remember that I have work to do. The bed seems comfortable, but I guess, I would not want to go without writing to you. So, here is the topic for today. How to reset iPhone?

How to Reset iPhone

Have you been wondering how to reset your iPhone? For whatever reason, you want to revamp your phone or maybe sell it but don’t know how to clear off your data, then dear reader, you have come to the right place. Here you will find some amazing solutions to all your problems but mainly, how to reset iPhone? Before we start with the discussion, let me tell you that this feat is not an impossible one. You shall soon be out of troubled waters. All you have to do is read the instructions clearly which I have laid down below.

So, we should not let go of any more time than it is required and get to the problem at hand already.

How to Reset iPhone

  1. The first step which answers the question of how to reset iPhone, asks you to create a backup. You can do this by two option. Either through iCloud or iTunes.Reset iPhone Storage
  2. If you wish to use your iCloud, then you will be required to go to Settings.
  3. From there you will have to locate the option which says iCloud and then Backup.
  4. Click on the option which says Back Up Now, and the process will start. Although there will be some instructions that would be presented in front of you. You just have to follow them, and the backup will be made.
  5. If you wish to create a backup through iTunes, then this is what you should do.
  6. Creating a backup using iTunes
  7. First of all, you will be required to plug in your iPhone to your PC or your laptop with the help of a charging cable.
  8. Then once that is done, please click on the iPhone icon which is present at the top left corner of iTunes below the Play button.
  9. iTunes is opened on your device, so now you will be required to select Summary from the sidebar.
  10. From there you can select the option which says Back Up Now which is situated under Manually Back Up and Restore.
  11. When you are done, you can click on the option which says Done.
  12. Now that your iPhone is all backed up, we can perform the operation of resetting the device.
  13. You will have to perform a factory reset on your device if you want to answer the question of how to reset iPhone.
  14. If you wish to do that, please follow the mentioned instructions.
  15. First off, go to Settings where you will find so many options.
  16. Then, from Settings go to General.
  17. Followed by Reset and then click on Erase All Content and Settings.Resetting iPhone
  18. Now you will be asked to type in your passcode if they ask for one (your device will ask for it only if you have set one)
  19. Please enter your Apple ID and Password to confirm it.
  20. Once you confirm it, you will see that your device will be wiped off all its storage.

After that, your device will return to settings of its initial stages, that is to say when you bought it first.
So, dear readers, this was it under the topic of how to reset iPhone. I hope your query was solved. Follow the instructions, and I am sure your iPhone will be reset in no time. But do remember to create a backup before you do anything. It is imperative because you might have some critical data on your device which if you might lose, would create a gaping hole in your chest.

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