Fix Laptop Screen Flickering Problem

If you see your laptop screen flickering, it becomes a matter of concern not just for your work as you cannot work properly, but also for your vision, as it causes strain in your eyes. Laptop screen are vulnerable to several display problems, and one of them is flickering screens.

Laptop screen flickering

Hence to avoid decrease in productivity and health problems, it is best to solve the problem immediately. Usually if the problem is caused by a software issue then it is possible to solve it at home. But if the issue is hardware related, then you have to go to the store to get the parts replaced.

So before rushing to the store, try out these solutions to see if the problem of your laptop screen flickering stops.

Solution #1 Update your Driver

The flickering might be a result of an outdated driver. Thus it is best to update your Graphics Card Driver. Here is how:

Method 1 – Manual Update Of Driver

You can update your driver manually if you know your driver’s name. Also if you do not know the name of your driver, you can find that out from your system following the steps given below.

Step 1 – Open Control Manager.

Step 2 – Select Device Manager.

Step 3 – Select Display Adapters.

Step 4 – Right click ‘Display Adapters’ and then click on Update Driver Software.

Step 5 – Select Search Automatically.

Step 6 – Find your video card information from ‘Display Adapters’.

Step 7 – Go to the manufacturer website and select Update Drivers.

Step 8 – Enter your video card information.

Step 9 – Download the driver.

Method 2 – Automatic Update

If the previous method feels a little difficult to follow, then you can opt for automatic update of drivers. All you have to do is download a trusted third party driver update tool, and click on the option of Update Drivers. But before downloading it, make sure that the tool is from a trusted source.

Solution #2 Check Task Manager – Find the problem for laptop screen flickering

Step 1 – Open Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together on your keyboard as a shortcut to open the task manager.

Step 2 – If the task manager is also flickering then the problem is probably caused by an outdated driver, which can be solved by Solution #1.

If the task manager is not flickering then the problem might be caused by a particular app. If so, update the app.

Solution #3 Updating Incompatible Apps

Often the screen flickers only while using a particular app. If that is the case, then getting the latest version of the app usually solves the problem. Also, it might happen that the app is not compatible with your system or might have some bugs. In such a case, get in touch with the manufacturer of the app and let them know of the bug.

If the app is not compatible with your system even after downloading the latest version of it, then it is best to remove it and find another app that can replace it.

Solution #4 Restart Your Device

This method is a shot in the dark, but might end up working.

Step 1 – Switch off your laptop.

Step 2 – Take out your battery, if it is detachable.

Step 3 – Reinsert the battery.

Step 4 – Switch on your laptop.

If none of these methods work, then is best to take your laptop to the nearby store and get the faulty part replaced.

Let us know which solutions out of these have worked for you. If you have any query, let us know in the comments section. We would be glad to help you out.

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