LibreOffice VS OpenOffice – Which One Wins?

LibreOffice VS OpenOffice – Decide which office suite to use for your work and other requirements. OpenOffice and LibreOffice are both open source office suites, used for a variety of functions like spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, databases, graphics etc. Both of these softwares are available in many languages and can be used on any personal computer.

libreoffice vs openoffice

Both of these open sourced office suits have found many loyal users in a short span of time. While commercially licensed Microsoft still dominates the market, more and more users are gravitating towards LibreOffice and OpenOffice which are open source suits. This leads to people wondering which one to use and hence debates like LibreOffice VS OpenOffice are commonplace thing.

We have provided a detailed comparison between the two and will help you decide which one to pick.


libreoffice vs openoffice

OpenOffice is an office suite which is open source. It is created under Apache license. Both serve the same purpose  and hence one can choose from any of the two. OpenOffice runs on all operating systems. In 2000, Sun released the source code of OpenOffice as open source.


libreoffice vs openoffice

LibreOffice is also a open source and free office suite. It was developed by Document Foundation. It works with the following operating systems: Mac, Windows and Linux. It has been recognized as productive suit of professional quality. You can customize the platform to suit your needs. Its interface is easy to use. The software is designed in such a way that it is compatible with most file formats.

LibreOffice VS OpenOffice – Difference Between The Two

LibreOffice Openoffice
Developer The Document Foundation StarDivision
Description Libreoffice is an office suite, which is free and open source, loaded with features and tools.
Open Office is an open-source office suite that contains various features like word spreadsheets, processor, presentations.
License LGPL Apache License
Code Migration Libreoffice to Openoffice code migration is not possible. Openoffice to Libreoffice is possible.
Sidebar Enable it by advanced options menu Introduced in version of OpenOffice 4.1
Report Builder and PDF Importer In-built Requires Extension
Support Updation, Fixing, Developing and Patching done regularly
Updation, Fixing, Developing and Patching done not very regularly
Policies For Extension LibreOffice comes installed with almost all popular extensions. You need to find extension to use.
Key Highlight Word processing features are better. Scores slightly ahead in performance.

The Final Verdict – LibreOffice VS OpenOffice

As you have read above, both have its own set of pros and cons. LibreOffice provides better options when. it comes to word processing features. So if you are looking for ample amount of word formatting and designing then go for LibreOffice. When it comes to performance, OpenOffice is slightly faster because of lighter features and designs that are not heavy. So if your work involves a lot of speed requirement and has less to do with designs then opt for OpenOffice.

So here we have listed and presented to you easy to understand comparison for LibreOffice VS OpenOffice. It is up to you and your requirement which will decide the one you opt for. Choose the one you are comfortable to use. As for facts and standard comparison, we have provided you with the same in the article.

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