Skype comes out with a new mobile design for Windows testers

So there is big news around the corner. This will excite you and get you in jitters. And we are thrilled to cover this piece of intel. So we came to know that Microsoft is trying out its latest Skype mobile interface in a desktop preview. This will be the communication’s app. The design which seems the amalgam of some radical and state of the art ideas was introduced to the public eye in the month of June. But the reception hasn’t been positive much to our dismay. Knowing this, yet Microsoft wants to indulge in the new design on the desktop side. A spoke person from Skype commented that ‘It’s not yet complete and we need your feedback,”

The Skype Preview is deemed to take advantage of the screens on the larger side on a desktop PC. Microsoft has even tweaked the feature of group chats which will make it easier and comfortable for users to exchange, share photos, screen during calls. With a new @ mentions, message reactions, and a notification panel which will work to check for the existence of any new mentions and reaction happening in the conversations. If you are in the search of shared links, documents or even photos in any conversation, then Microsoft has also the function of the gallery. This is done to locate the pictures quickly.

If you are by chance using the Skype Preview app and not the new Store app, then the mentioned will start popping up today itself. If you want, you can also try the test app as well. It does not look like the company is trying to test the new changes to its Skype Windows 10 Store app as for now. The reviews will start rolling in soon then Microsoft will take the step to broaden the modifications so that it reaches everyone else. It is only fair that this happens.

Well, let us see whether our excitement seems worthy are not. We will soon have a review about it. Stay tuned to know more and if at all you already have some intel about, please feel free to share it with us. We would love to add them to our articles. With such changes looming in the air, the tech world is aiming to reach the zenith. It is as expendable as ever and will only keep growing. Whether he changes make it or break it, only time will tell.

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