How to download Microsoft Internet Explorer for MAC

Internet Explorer is the largest platform to access World Wide Web since old times, was once a default web browser for all Apple products operated with MAC OS. It was an agreement between the companies- Apple and Microsoft, that Microsoft Internet Explorer for MAC would be the default browser until Apple came with its web browser namely Safari. Having its Web browser, still running Microsoft Internet Explorer in MAC is not a difficult task. Here is how to get Internet Explorer for MAC. There are a number of ways to get Microsoft Internet Explorer for MAC based devices. But what proves Internet Explorer to be a better Web browser than Apple Safari, let us have a look.

Advantages of using Microsoft InternetExploreragainst MAC OS X

I am sure you must be wondering, why to use Internet Explorer on MAC OS when you already have the default browser in the form of Apple Safari. Well choosing Internet Explorer over Apple Safari in MAC OS can be driven by various factors. The most fundamental reason why one picks Internet Explorer is that every user of Internet Explorer seeks the ease in using Microsoft IE. But there is more to just ease in access to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Now here are some more advantages that you must take into consideration before using this most commonly used Web Browser, i.e. Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer for MAC

  • One of the major reason why one chooses, InternetExplorer over Safari is its speed.
  • It is easy to download InternetExplorer on any platform and it is free of cost
  • It’s heavy usage across the world tends to influence beginners or new users to use the same web browser.
  • It has a number of functions that’s make surfing web easy and accurate.

How to download Microsoft Internet Explorer for MAC

Now to get along with Internet Explorer in MAC OS, or shall I say Internet Explorer 9 for MAC, here is another App which you can use. And that is Remote Desktop! Remote Desktop is one such app, which can help you remotely access your Desktop, here, in this case, your MacBook. Using this application, you can use application, access data, and other network resources. Now below I will be providing you the details on How to run Internet Explorer on a MAC, but before that, download Desktop Remote on your MacBook.

Download Remote Desktop from the following link-

Now there are a number of ways on how to run Internet Explorer on an MAC-based device. Basic requirements to run IE are High-speed Internet to access the web quickly, a Microsoft account and download a remote desktop for your MAC. Now just follow the given steps for accessing Internet Explorer 10 for MAC using Remote Desktop App.

  • Get yourself subscribed to the Modern IE with your Microsoft account. You will receive an email after that.
  • Launch the Remote Desktop app you have already downloaded.
  • Once you open it, you will see a number of options in the title bar. Select “Azure RemoteApp.”

  • You now need to log in with your Microsoft account to finally use InternetExplorer on MAC. Once you Log in you will get a new window opened. Find an option – “InternetExplorer” click on it to find a new option “IE Teck preview”.

  • Next what you get is a new window namely “InternetExplorer” to access the web. That’s how to get InternetExplorer on MAC.

Winebottler – another way to how to get InternetExplorer 8 on MAC

There are a number of apps that are incompatible with MAC OS. And especially for the web developers who need to access varied apps, it becomes difficult for them to access those apps on MAC. Since they are supportive on other OS platforms such as Windows it is another challenge for them to choose between them. Here comes the solution or the mid-way to this problem. One can have access to “Winebottler”.

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Winebottler is a software through which one can operate a series of windows based software with are unsupportive on MAC. There is no need to have multiple Operating Systems on your device to have access to all apps and softwares. This method is an easy answer for you of how to get Internet Explorer on MAC?

Downloading the software is not a difficult chase. You can easily get it from its website. The software is really powerful in running maximum softwares unsupportive in MAC. Luckily latest version of InternetExplorer Microsoft InternetExplorer 8 is available in the software.

Download Winebottler from Softonic-

Download from

Install InternetExplorer 8 forMAC with this software. Next, you see is the new tab opened that is of Microsoft InternetExplorer 8 on MAC.

Using Virtual Box to run Microsoft InternetExplorer for MAC

Would you ever like to have more than one operating system on your device? Virtual box enables any device to have multiple operating systems i.e., having MAC OS and Windows together in the same device at the same time. Using this method you can actually run Internet Explorer 9 for MAC. This could have a number of benefits such as getting features of both the operating system, having access to all apps and software’s supported by different Operating systems and much more. But is it possible to have more than one operating system with normal specifications of your device? Sufficient RAM and a good processor are sufficient to have access to more than one operating system. Virtual box, a product by Oracle runs on a number of operating systems be it Windows, MAC, Linux or Solaris. Further, it extends capabilities of your device to run Windows and Linux with MAC or any other combination best suited for the user.

Virtual MAChine

Working with Virtual box one must know about the Virtual MAChine. Virtual MAChine is an environment created by whatever virtual box you are using in which the guest operating system works on your device. This separate environment can be in the form of a new window opened on your device to run the guest operating system. Or depending upon the version of the Virtual box you use this environment can be in the full-screen mode as well.

Like you see in this picture Virtual MAChine creates a new window in which Windows operating system is being accessed in a device originally having MAC operating system.

While using virtual box one needs to write a small code to get access to various softwares. Following are the codes to get access to the respective versions of InternetExplorer in your MACOS:-

InternetExplorer 11

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS=”11″ bash

InternetExplorer 10

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS=”10″ bash

InternetExplorer 9

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS=”9″ bash

InternetExplorer 8

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS=”8″ bash

InternetExplorer 7

curl -s | IEVMS_VERSIONS=”7″ bash

Here we discussed and acknowledged you about various methods to run InternetExplorer in MAC, also InternetExplorer for MAC download link and InternetExplorer for MAC download 2017! Whether you use a software to run InternetExplorer in MAC or you use a software to get access to Windows to further running of IE, we detailed you about all the possible methods that one can use to have access and run InternetExplorer on MAC. We hope that this article would be really beneficial for you and could have solved all your problems related to the installation of IE in MAC OS.

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