How to Move Apps to SD Card in Android 2018

Almost every smartphone or tablet that is available nowadays in the market uses the Android operating system. Many Android phones come with only 16 or 32GB of internal memory, with a chunk of that already taken up by the operating system and preloaded software. After you start adding your apps, snaps, videos the space on your phone starts burning out. In this article, we are going to share the detailed guide on How to Move Apps to SD Card.

A nice feature, many Android devices offer is to move app to SD APK, in which users can insert the SD card to get the additional data storage space. For those with devices that offer lots of storage, this feature might not matter much, but for those with older versions of operating devices or budget devices, it is the only way to install the additional apps. If you are using low internal storage Android device and want to use more and more apps then this article will help you to move Apps to SD card in Android.

There are so many apps that you can use to move apps to SD card without Rooting.

Some Android phones are having low RAM so you have to manage your storage. You have to move some apps to your external drive.

How to Move Apps to SD Card in Android

Now here is the solution to your problem “how to move apps to sd card” using Android’s built-in solution management features.


  • Keep in mind not all the apps can be moved to SD card most apps that come preloaded onto your phone cannot be moved, along with some other apps, depending on the developer and what phone you have.
  • Apps may run slower when stored on your SD card, compared to when they are stored in your Android’s internal storage.
  • If you want to transfer over all your apps on your SD card, you will need to root your Android device. Rooting isn’t for everyone. However, we will be providing a solution for this question to “how to move apps to SD card without rooting” so first we will focus on methods that work on an unrooted phone.
  • Apps that shouldn’t ever be moved:
  • Widgets- if you want to use a certain widget, then do not move the app that provides it.
  • System tools- important tools might not operate well or at all on external storage.
  • Important apps- if you can’t afford a certain app becoming unavailable, don’t move it.

Consider that to be your first and last warning!


This method is an amazing solution for “how to move apps to SD card marshmallow.”It’s not that difficult to transfer your apps manually, but it can be a bit irritating, Apps should be moved individually. There isn’t a way to move a group of apps in one go on an unrooted phone.

If you want to move an app to your SD storage follow the steps given below:

STEP 1. Navigate to your device’s settings menu on your phone.

STEP 2.Tap on Apps. Your phone should then show a list of your apps.

STEP 3. See apps you might want to move to the SD storage. Select the app you want to move to the SD card; this will take you to the App info, where you can see everything about the app.

STEP 4. Tap storage.

Move Apps to SD card Android Phone

Move Apps to SD card Android Phone

STEP 5. Tap change if it’s there. If you don’t see the change option, the app cannot be moved. If you are unable to find any apps with this option, it is obvious that your devices do not support the feature.

STEP 6. Tap move, if you see the move button grayed out, that means you cannot move this app to your SD storage.

This is one of the efficient solutions for “move app SD card APK.”

  • Note: Apps can also be moved back to your phone’s internal storage using the same method.

Internal storage vs. portable storage

You can use SD card in Android marshmallow with two strategies:

  1. Internal storage: You can use SD card in Android Marshmallow as internal storage to expand internal storage also called as adaptable storage.  You can save anything on the SD card.
  2. Portable storage: You can use the micro SD card mainly to save your media files or backups. You cannot install apps to it. Many apps will not use it for their app data.
  • You can take your decision and can change your mind later, but that will require formatting the SD card again and again and take away your precious time.

Well if you want to choose between the two, then there is no perfect solution for that. It all depends on your personal situation or need.

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Prerequisite conditions to choose internal storage:

  • Your internal phone storage is not more than 8GB.
  • Your internal phone storage is 16GB, and you play some large games.
  • Your internal phone storage is 32GB, and you play a lot of large games.

Prerequisite conditions to choose portable storage:

  • Your internal phone storage is 16GB or more, and you scarcely play large games. You can also easily backup photos and videos to Google photos easily.
  • Your internal phone storage is 16GB or more, and you mainly use the phone to consume offline videos/music.
  • Your internal phone storage is 64GB or more.

Now we jump to another solution for the issue “how to move apps to SD card without rooting.”

Method 2: Use an app to transfer additional apps to your SD card, alternative for “how to move apps to SD card.”

move apps to SD card

You can get help from a dedicated app that will give pace to the process of transferring the apps. These apps will not automate the process or help you in moving your apps in bulk; it will only be able to tell you which apps is possible to move. This process at least removes the extra efforts of having to check each app individually.

For this purpose, AppMgr ||| is the best software to move app to Android apk. It is an app manager, but the main impetus of this app is to move the apps to SD card and vice versa. Follow the steps given below to implement this method and get rid of the problem “how to move apps to SD card without rooting.”

STEP 1. Download the AppMgr ||| from the Google play store.

STEP 2. After the app is installed, it will show you all the apps that can be moved; in the main interface, under the heading “movable.”

STEP 3. Click on the app which you would like to move.

STEP 4. Confirm the prompt, by clicking on “yes.”  Next, you will be taken on the app details screen.

STEP 5. Tap on “Move app to SD card apk” button to move it.

Well, there is a specific method for the query “how to move apps to SD card galaxy S5”, this method works for all the Samsung smartphones running on older version of operating system.

Moving apps to an installed SD card in Galaxy S5 is easy, follow the steps given below:

STEP 1. Switch on your Galaxy S5, by the power button.

STEP 2. Tap the menu icon to get the apps list.

STEP 3. On the next interface, tap on the settings.

STEP 4. Under the applications, tap on application manager.

STEP 5. Under the downloaded app list, from the application manager interface; select the app you want to move.

STEP 6. Under the storage section, tap the move to SD card button, to move the app.

STEP 7. Follow the steps 5&6 individually for each app.

Hence this is the perfect solution for “how to move apps to SD card Galaxy S5.”


I hope you find the information useful in the article; you will also be satisfied with the best methods of “Move App to SD Card APK “because these are the easiest ways to overcome the ongoing storage problem on your phone. Sony is strictly removed from the external storage access for the high-security reasons. You must give a try to the most unchallenging methods of “how to move apps to SD card without rooting.”

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