Ok Google Commands – How to Use

Using just your voice you are able to command your device to do several things for your benefit. Select the device you would like to manage. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. It’s easy, simple to use and user-friendly interface. There are two methods to say an Ok Google Commands. Today you can choose where you would like to use Google Now voice commands. Voice commands have turned into a central portion of the Android operating system, introducing new functions and capabilities with each candy-flavoured iteration.

These commands, but do not entail the very same function. No Command prompt, no succession of commands, only a simple Notepad is sufficient to format your hard disk in a hassle-free method.

Ok Google Commands

Ok Google Commands

It is possible to ask the Google Assistant to set numerous timers for assorted tasks. To learn more, check out the way to get the absolute most out of Google Now and all you need to learn about Google Assistant. Google Virtual Assistant can specify a timer, which can be quite convenient as you’re cooking. Google Assistant is a wise voice search function that supplies you with what you should know when you have to know it, hands-free. Have a look at our Google Assistant FAQ to find out more about what you could do with Google Assistant and SmartThings.

Ok Google Commands – How to Use Them

Needless to say, there’s also the choice to control the playback and its volume by means of your voice. In case you’ve got a multi-room speaker setup, you may also choose where you wish to listen to the podcast.

  • Open -app name = Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to website = Go to tricksmaze.com.
  • Call contact name = Call Mom.
  • Set a timer for [X] minutes.
  • Send Hangout message to – contact name

Asking Google about anything

  • “How old is [name]?”
  • “Who invented [name of things].”
  • “When is [name of game or festival or event]?”
  • Where is the nearest [hotel, mall, ATM, etc]
  • Who is [Name of person]
  • Make me a sandwich
  • Give me a love quote.

Speak like you were talking to some other person when considering that the Assistant isn’t yet smart enough to understand and implement demands which are too long. Once you are finished, don’t neglect to save and share it with your pals.

It’s possible to ask as many questions as you desire. Please be aware you will require the official Google” app, which you may download from Play Store as a way to control your mobile phone by means of your voice.

Ok Google Commands Voice lets you tell your phone what things to do without touching it. Android phones with Google Assistant could have done the exact same thing. For example, you get an email from your friend about dining in a specific restaurant nearby and you’re curious about how good the restaurant is.

Basically everything it’s possible to ask Google, all in 1 place. Google’s always been really very good at locations, as a result of Maps. Google is a large part of the Android phone. Google noted the business is working on a means to make its devices ignore commercials altogether. You should probably turn on Ok Google so that you may begin using it without needing to tap the mike icon. It is possible to also search your searches inside Allo which uses Ok Google Commands, even if you’re offline, to locate the definition of that 1 word you asked Assistant about a day or two ago.


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