Top 7 Best Picasa Alternatives and Similar Software in 2018

Picasa is one of the most used and popular photo organizer and photo editor available for Windows and Mac Platforms. Now Google has officially shut down Picasa. So what are best options that we can use as Picasa Alternatives? Its been over a year which Picasa had formally been closed down and Google’s picture replaces it, and video sharing and saving service called Google Photos.

While many people are searching for an alternative to Picasa, here we’ve listed few alternatives to Picasa which are obtainable at no cost and can be employed on multiple platforms. Among the fast and strong tools that are worthy to choose as the Picasa alternative. It may be used as the Picasa alternative, and it may be used for storing photos, and you can also edit them. If you’ve got your very own favorite Picasa alternative, please don’t hesitate to share it with the box below.

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As there are a lot of available alternatives to replace Picasa, so we’ve produced both Online along with Offline options can be substantially employed by our readers. You may be understandably hesitant to try it, but a few of the best choices out there are cloud-based. So you’ll need to create the choice based on their distinctive capabilities.

Best Picasa Alternatives

As you’ll continue to be able to download and use Picasa for a little while, plenty of people will probably stay with it. Picasa is especially famous for its desktop application that may easily organize all of the photo albums and even earn a slideshow from photos. Well, Picasa is an excellent application to get, but because it’s already been terminated. Picasa is more than merely a spot on the web to put away your images. Picasa is going now, so you ought to settle for one more image organizing tool. As you know that Picasa is among the most popular photo editor and viewer, it’s used by some members of the world. Almost it is comparable to Picasa that is a 1 source location to edit images and share them on social media applications as Facebook, Flickr and a lot more.

1. Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery may be the ideal option, and it is the best photo editor and photo sharing app. Windows Live Photo Gallery gathers a very simple set of programs for uploading, editing, and sharing photographs. Windows Photo Gallery is simple to use picture editing app. However, it doesn’t provide you the storage option that Picasa does. However, it also works well if you’re trying to handle all of the images onto your desktop.

You can upload an image directly to OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Vimeo. Aside from basic editing, you might even include captions, slideshows, and more.

2. Flickr – Greatest Picasa Alternatives

Flickr is a popular an image and video-hosting site by Yahoo. It gives you a 1 terabyte of storage for free once you register for a free account on To use Flickr, you will need a Yahoo account. Flickr can be available as a program for Android and iOS, and you’ll be able to use the same accounts on all of your devices.

Flickr is among the very best photo management and sharing applications in the planet, and it’s very simple to use. If you’re keen on organizing your photos online, then there’s no better choice than Flickr. So if you’re loading the exact same image in two different sized image views, Glide will store two copies of the exact same image in the cache with unique resolutions. Adding photos and images to your Picasa web folder gives you the possibility to lock the image or allow it to be visible for everybody.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best choice for users who have to store photos on the web or Cloud storage. Dropbox is a cloud storage app that allows users to upload and save documents, images, and videos on the Internet. It’s readily available for 30days free trial. You can download Dropbox for iOS and Android devices.

4. Photoscape

PhotoScape is another popular photo editing app that comes with many features including basic editing, making gifs employing numerous photographs, screen capture and more. It doesn’t have cloud storage which Picasa does, but its image editing feature is awesome.

5. Amazon Prime Photos

Amazon Prime Photos is free online picture storage for Prime members, allow users to upload and share unlimited photos on a desktop, mobile, and tablet computers connected to that Amazon Prime Account. Amazon Prime Photos Employs an Amazon account to Sign in.

6. Microsoft Photos – Picasa Alternative for Windows 10

Microsoft Photos come with an Image Viewer, movie editor, picture organizer, photo editor and photo sharing app. It comes preinstalled on Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS. You can edit pics with basic image editing features.

7. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced image editing software available for Windows and Mac users. The Photoshop program has become the industry standard. It’s a raster images editor created and published by Adobe Systems. It enables you to produce and improve your photographs, pictures, 3D art.

Adobe Photoshop is for personal or educational use, but for industrial purposes, you are going to have to purchase a license. It is possible to use any of the tools mentioned previously and it ought to be able to deal with your photos well. It’s a free photo editing tool which can manage albums on unique networks.

So here at the end of the list of some best Picasa alternatives. There might be some other tools also. Therefore, if you believe you get a worth understanding Picasa alternative, let’s understand down below. Hope you enjoyed this Picasa alternatives Article.

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