Qwerkywriter: Turn your Tablet/PC into Typewriter

People who wish to be a writer but feels boring working on a PC/laptop or tablet, they must switch to this vintage style keys Qwerkywriter. Qwerkywriter is a Bluetooth keyboard which looks alike an old typewriter which works on your PC, laptop, and tablet.The designing of this vintage style keyboard is completely based on old typewriters.It has a return bar too.

It is a wireless keyboard so you can connect it to your specific tablet or PC via Bluetooth and set your tablet.As its a Bluetooth, it tends to disconnect in a while, but it will reconnect automatically. The easiest way to connect immediately is just to flip the power button off and on again.


You can set your tablet in either landscape or portrait mode.In Landscape mode, it looks great and functional.In portrait mode, you can use the home button, but you can’t use fingerprint access to unlock the screen.It weighs pounds, like a typewriter and lightweight like a good gadget should be.

Qwerkywriter: Turn your Tablet/PC into Typewriter

In this Qwerkywriter, the return bar comes Defaulted as the Enter Button.Return bar is located on the opposite side.You can program what you want to do.Choose upto 5 characters and record the command.Every time you press the return bar, it will do what you programmed.

Qwerkywriter Specifications:

  • Wireless: It connects wireless via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacPros, MacBooks, Android Tablets Devices, Windows Tablets, and more.
  • Mechanical Switches: It provides a unique clicky tactile feel because of its industrial strength mechanical switches.
  • Macro Return Bar: It functioned as an Enter key by default.but it is programmable.Hold the hold FN+Return Bar to hold the five characters.
  • Vintage Keys: Qwerkywriter has vintage style key caps, with a concave surface and beautiful touch, gives an antique look to it.
  • Aluminum construction: Qwerkywriter is made up of aluminum-metal alloy for the luxurious look for past and future.
  • Tablet Stand: It has an inbuilt tablet stand feature in which can hold tablets upto 10 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick.iPads, Samsung devices, Surface 3, and more are all supported.

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