Recover Deleted Files using Time Machine in Mac

Another safe method on how to recover deleted Mac files is using Time Machine to help you do it. All you have to do is choose a previous restore point that has the most recent files that you have accidentally deleted and proceed with system restore. Time Machine constantly backs-up data for the user, so you can later recover files in case something bad happens to your files. The only thing you need to do before being able to use time machine is set it up, of course. You can also create back-ups to external devices, by configuring your Mac to do so, you just have to connect the external drive from time to time to back up your data.

Recover Files using Time Machine

Recover Deleted Files using Time Machine

Mac recovery using Time Machine is pretty simple. You just have to connect the Time Machine back-up, if you have an external device or something, and enter the Time Machine, and if you do have a password to enter it. As soon as the Time Machine app opens you can navigate to a specific point in time that you choose. After you have decided which restore point fits for you, and all you have left to do is press the “Restore” button. Please wait for the process to finish.

In case your Apple Mac gets stolen, and you have your Time Machine back-ups, you can proceed with full restore files from the old Mac. Meaning that you can have your old files on your new mac. The cool thing about using Time Machine is that besides helping you restore user settings, files, and emails, it can also help you recover application.

Please follow the next steps to recover deleted files on a Mac using Time Machine:

Step 1. Click the Time machine logo in the top right corner, or select it from the Dock;

Step 2. Time Machine opens

Step 3. Now scroll and search for a backup point which you think may contain your deleted files. The timeline may also include snapshots;

Step 4. You can also use the “up” and “down” keys to select the right back-up for you;

Step 5. Once you think you might have found one, press the “space bar” to get a preview of it;

Step 6. Click Restore to recover a file that you have selected.

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