How to Reset Google Chrome Settings Without Uninstalling

Google invented the Google Chrome as a web browser so that everyone could download and use it for free. It was released in 2008 and has been a continuous work of progress as Google Chrome is being continuously reinvented and now as we all know that Google Chrome Browser is one of the most popular browser used by Windows and Mac users. Google Chrome provides many good features like Security over the internet, you can download and install extra plugins or extensions to Chrome like Adblocks Plus which can block ads, You can increase the security of the current user, VPN extensions and many more, you can download these extension from Chrome store as per your requirements. Keeping your google chrome up to date will make sure your security over the internet better. The only con about Google Chrome browser is, it consume RAM and that is due to extensions you add it your browser. When you add more than 15-18 extensions/plugins in your browser, you will notice that it will start lagging and the reason behind that is, your browser is consuming RAM, not only the browser, even Windows operating system will start lagging. We have seen many people posting on Google Forum that they are not able to Reset Chrome, in this tutorial we are going to show you How you can Reset Google Chrome settings without uninstalling it.

From resetting google chrome settings, it means that all your browser history, cache and other cookies will be vanished/deleted forever. You should always reset your chrome settings once in 3 months because the extensions are quite heavy which consume RAM which will slower down your system speed and who knows if one of your plugin becomes vulnerable for your system and hackers can easily able to access and steam your confidential data.

How to Reset Google Chrome without Reinstalling

So we have written 2 methods on how you can reset chrome settings without reinstalling your browser, Uninstalling and Reinstalling Google Chrome again is really annoying and headache for user whose Internet speed is slow because it takes long time to install it no matter it will solve your problem.

Solution 1: Reset Chrome Settings from Chrome Settings

In this solution, we are going to Reset all the settings from default Google Chrome settings which can be done in few minutes, you just need to do few clicks and all your browsing data, cache and cookies will be permanently deleted.

In first step, you have to open Google Chrome browser and you to find three vertical lines icon which will be located at top right corner of your browser.

When you will click on that icon, it will show you drop down menu and from there you have to select Settings, as shown in this image.

Reset Chrome

When you will click on Settings, it will open a new tab in which it will show you all the types of settings you can do with your browser.

You have to scroll down and select Advanced options.Google Chrome Reset

As soon as you will click on Advanced option, it will open Advancd Settings of Google Chrome and the you have to locate Reset Browser settings option.

Reset Browser settings

When you will click on Restore Settings to their original defaults, it will show you a pop up where you have to select Reset button and your Google Chrome settings will be reset to its defaults.

how to reset google chrome

So finally this is how we can reset chrome settings without reinstalling the browser again, if you guys are facing problem in this solution then we have written one more solution for you below.

Solution 2: Delete User Profile to Reset Chrome Settings

If the above method didn’t worked out for you and you are are still wondering how to reset chrome settings then we have got one more method for you. In this method we are going to show you can easily able to delete chrome current user so that all settings get restored to default.

Display Hidden Chrome Files

In first step, you have to open start menu and type “Control Panel“.

Now find and click on “Appearance and Personalization” option, now you have to click on folder option then you have locate “Show Hidden Files and Folders“.

Enable “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option and then it will start showing you all hidden files and folder on your system.

Deleting Default Folder 

Press Windows + R button and type “%appdata%” and press Enter.How to reset google chrome browser

It will open up Roaming folder and there you have to navigate to App Data folder

To navigate into App Data folder you have follow this path:

C:\Users\ComputerUsername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

App Data folder to reset Chrome

Inside App Data Folder you will find another folder known as Default folder, you have to delete that folder permanently, but before you delete that folder, you have to exit the chrome first.

delete default folder to reset google chrome

Launch Google Chrome from your Desktop and you will notice that everything has been reset. It will feel like you have freshly installed new Google Chrome.

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So this is how we can Reset Chrome, if you guys are still facing any problem then you can let us know in comment section below we will surely try help you out to get rid of this annoying problem.

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