Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has broken presale records

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You must have heard about the blunder that Samsung created last year. The company recalled and discontinued Note 7 last year due to battery explosions, yet the latest edition of the Note which is Note 8 is going strong. The company announced that more and more customers in the US have pre-ordered the phone and that too, more than any other Notes. They haven’t seen such increase in sale in the previous years during the same time period.

The dates of pre-ordering were set to 24th August 2017. It is one of the most expensive Samsung devices till date, starting at $930. No doubt that the company has set the range pervasively high, but they did try to lower it down by pre sale offers. All the pre-orders before the 24th of September will be eligible for a choice of a Gear 360 camera or a wireless charging bundle. It does not end here, the owners of Note & were offered a deal of exchange at a steep discount.  They can win this discount if they trade their current mobile phone for the Note 8. T-Mobile has come forward to seize the opportunity as well. They are offering their own deals to charm people into signing up for a new line and in return get a full rebate on a second Note 8.

Samsung has not specified us with an exact number of pre-orders that have been made till now. They are being very discreet, not even sharing how Note 8 pre-orders are if compared to its Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, which came out earlier this year.

Let us see, if this year proves to be better for Note 8 because last year was pretty bombarding, literally.

Looking at the sales, we can estimate that the company has taken measures to correct last year’s defects and performed much-needed damage control.

If you are one of those who has pre-ordered the Note 8, please share with us any information that you have about the phone as we are eager to know.

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