How to Fix Screen Flashing Windows 10 Problem

Are you facing problems with your screen? Is your display screen flickering again and again? Don’t worry we got you. Screen Flashing Windows 10 problem is one of the most common problem you will ever see in Windows 10 operating system. When Windows 10 update was rolled out, many people faced such problems like screen flashing and today in this tutorial we are going to cover that for you.

What is Screen Flashing Windows 10 Problem?

You must be thinking that why you are experiencing screen flashing issues in your system. Well there can be many reasons why you are facing that issues, maybe you haven’t properly set the Display settings or something is wrong with your Windows display drivers and in that you might need to reinstall it. As I said above when Windows 10 update was rolled out many users were facing such issues and then in next update Microsoft fixed this issues but still many users were experiencing the same problem. So here in this guide we will show you how can solve Screen Flashing problem in Windows operating system.

How to Fix Screen Flashing Windows 10 Issue?

So here in this guide ahead we have written few methods, you don’t have to follow all of them, if the first method works for you then you don’t have to follow all of them but if it doesn’t work then you need to go through it once.

Solution 1: Change the monitor refresh rate

  1. Go to Desktop, right click on any Empty space and select Display Settings options.
  2. You will find there Advance Display Settings, click on that option.
  3. In next page you have to click on Display adapter properties for Display 1.
  4. Go to Monitor Tab and there you will find Screen refresh rate.  Select the Hertz which is best suitable for your system, we will prefer you to select the recommended option.
  5. Click on Apply and Keep Changesdisplay settings windows 10
  6. Restart your system and to make sure changes are done in backend.

Solution 2: Update your device drivers

The above method didn’t worked for you? Don’t panic, Here in this method we will show you how to update Device drivers. Sometimes the Display Drivers of your screen might get corrupted or maybe they are not compatible with the latest version of your Windows and it might end up creating system issues. Lets see how we can update those important drivers.

  1. Press Windows + R button and type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter on your keyboard.devmgmt.msc
  2. It will now open a window where you will find list of all the devices which are connected to your system.
  3. Now there you have to find Display Adapters and open the drop down menu.
  4. Right click on Driver and select Update Driver Software.Update Driver Software
  5. It will open new window , there you have to select automatically for updated driver software.
  6. Now it will start searching for new updates and if it finds any new updates released then it will automatically download it and install it.

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That’s it, This is how we can solve Screen Flashing Windows 10 Issues in few minutes, we have personally tested both the solutions and it has worked for us. If you face any issues while following this guide then please let us know in comment section and we will help you to get rid of this annoying problem.

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