Siri For Android – Best Siri Alternative For Android Phones

A couple of years back, you would only see someone speaking on their phone if someone was on the opposite side. Fast forward a little and now talking to your phone is no big deal. Siri for iPhone altered the behaviour, and nowadays it is common to see people use their voice to control their phones. Fortunately, Siri For Android options are available on Android, also.

Unsure what Siri is? Just consider it as a program on your mobile device that acts as your very own personal assistant. This program can keep track of appointments, remind you of important events, give you driving instructions, call your friend, and more — all you will need to do is talk a command. Siri is for iOS, but Android includes a few Siri alternatives which you need to try.

There isn’t any doubt that Apple makes some of the best software on the planet. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant, and it has gained lots of popularity among iPhone users. That certainly does not mean that we do not have good choices for Siri available on Android.

Siri For Android – Siri Alternative For Android Phones

Sure, the programs do fall short in comparison with the Apple’s assistant, but they do provide an excellent service. So without further discussion, let’s return to the greatest Siri-like programs for Android.

Siri For Android

Smartphones are equipped with artificial intelligence software that can understand your voice commands. But, Siri is only available on Apple’s iPhones. Android users need not worry though since there are Android variants of Siri.

Smartphone reviewers and technology columnists have long debated which voice helper is the smartest. Is it Siri? Or Alexa? How about Google Assistant or Google Now? Or even Cortana? Each one has a special set of features and performance.

But if you are switching from iOS to Android, you have probably wondered about your choices. Is there a voice helper that serves as an excellent alternative to Siri?

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a new assistant for Android and may be even better than a hypothetical Siri Android program.

If you are searching for the perfect alternative to a hypothetical Siri Android program, Google Assistant may be ideal for you.

Let’s start with Google’s own Android helper apps. Google Assistant is the best answer for anybody searching for a close substitute for Siri for Android. You can ask Google Assistant numerous questions, and its answers to those questions illustrate precisely how different this program is from Google’s other voice assistant, Google Now.

2. Google Now

Google Now Android helper works somewhat like a Siri program for Android.

Google Now may not be the newest app that is looking for a Siri for Android, but this helper for Android is a pretty capable piece of software.

If you are not the owner of a Google Pixel, then you do not have Google Assistant directly incorporated into your phone. The fantastic thing is that Google has assembled a different assistant for Android tablets: Google Now. Although Google Now might not be the most loyal analog to Siri for Android, it is still a fairly fantastic helper if you don’t mind its lack of character.

3. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC helper is a great Siri Android program for users who like the customizability of Android.

The developer provides a free version and a pro version of the Android assistant. Alice can assist you with calls, text messages, and emails. She can also help you with translations, navigation, alarms, and timers.


ANDY is another program for Android that’s guaranteed to impress you. The developer provides a free version and a pro version of the voice helper for Android. However, it does not stop there. You might also inquire about the weather and time, get answers to algebra questions, or ask him to perform unit conversions.

To ask a question or to provide a command, you simply have to tap the mic button on the app’s home screen. Or you can allow the “Shake Recording” option so that if you shake your device, it is going to trigger the Android assistant.

5. Cortana

Cortana might not be the excellent Siri copycat, but it is a fairly awesome option if you would like an Android assistant which you can also speak to in your PC.

You might believe that Cortana is only available on Windows phones, but Microsoft has released versions of Cortana for Android. Cortana is the Android helper for you if you are using a computer that runs Windows 10.

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